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Program BMW Diamond Key Fob

This guide provides instructions on how to program a BMW key fob. 

Program BMW Diamond Key Fob

These instructions can be followed to resync the key if your BMW key fob remote has stopped working. Follow the programming instruction for any extra key that you may have so that it continues to work.

If you fail the first time, try the procedure again. All the steps need to be performed in under 15 seconds.

Key Programming Method 1

  1. Unlock the car.
  2. Enter the vehicle and close all the doors.
  3. Turn the key to position I. A few instrument cluster lights will turn on but not all. Remove the key from the ignition within five seconds.
  4. Press the unlock button on the keyfob remote and hold it to program bmw key fob
  5. While continuing to hold the unlock button pressed, press the lock button three times. Release all the buttons. This key is programmed.
  6. If you have other keys, repeat steps 4 and 5 for the additional keys. Do not reinsert the additional keys into the ignition.
  7. Test to see if the remote is working properly and locking /unlocking the doors.
  8. Insert the key into the ignition to finalize.

Key Resync Method 2

  1. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to position I. Then turn the key to position 0 and back to 1. Do this five times.
  2. Remove the key from the ignition.
  3. Press and hold the unlock button.DIY BMW E46 key fob reprogramming
  4. While holding the unlock button, press the lock button three times. The first key is programmed.
  5. Repeat step four for any additional BMW key fobs that need programming.
  6. Insert the key into the ignition to finalize.

How to program setup a new BMW E46 key fob 330 325These instructions apply when you change the key battery, or your BMW key has stopped locking/unlocking the doors, but the key starts the car. This procedure works on many BMWs, including 3 5 7 Series Z3 Z4 X3 X5 M5 325i E38 E39, E46, E39, E90, E38.

It means the accessory position. Not the position right before starting the car. That's called position II. In position, I insert the key in the ignition turn the key until you hear one click. Accessories are powered on.

Press the lock button three times within five seconds.

No, it doesn't matter in which order you program the keys.

This BMW key synchronization process works on the BMW diamond key and the older BMW key fob.




My BMW 2006 not starting and yellow light show in instrument. Solution please


I can't see how this is for an E90 as the key I have is completely different. It does not turn, it's just stuck in the hole in the dash. I tried this several times with the hold unlock press lock 5 times etc. in several different ways, but no joy at all. It seems it is only works for cars with the type of key shown in the video. :-(


Is this the same with the 2006 325i e90.


Thanks for this. My 2002 Z3 key stopped working. For the past year the remote usually only worked if grounded to the car. It stopped working altogether about a week ago. I replaced the fob battery and still no go. I've replaced the battery w/o a re-synch before with no issues, but I guess the fob had completely lost its paring. Glad I found your post. Thanks.


I bought after market keys from Amazon. Had one key cut and will manually unlock the doors and trunk. When re syncing the new key it will work the doors and trunk from the fob but it won't start the car. If I start the car with the orig key and shut it off then put the new key in it will start the car for only a short while. (minutes) I figure the new key is just running of the code from the old key in order to start it until the code goes poof from the ignition. Is there any other process I can try to get the new key to start the car all the time. It's a 2001 BMW 330ci...Thanks in advance for any assistance you can render.


i have a bmw320i touring and the key is not close and open plz can sombary help me


Thanks for posting this. I'd like to add something that might be useful....if the reprogramming procedures above don't work, lock your car (using your key in the driver's door) and check to see if the fuel door is locked. If it is not locked as it should be, check fuse #53 in the right side of the trunk. If that 7.5amp fuse is blown, it will cause your key fob not to work.


Fob will not open/clock door. I use the key to lock, ok. When I open the door the alarm goes off.


My car don't want start because no register the key and the lights flashing and the key dont wanted programming


Works every-time. Thanks


Awesome mine both now work !!!

Rick cameron

I have tried to do that but I still don't get anything happening on the dashboard

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Program BMW Diamond Key Fob This guide provides instructions on how to program a BMW key fob.