How to register BMW battery with Carly Adapter

Carly for BMW allows you to register a new battery on most BMWs.

You can also use Carly to code a new battery type (Lead-acid vs AGM) or change the battery capacity. 

What you will need


If you have already paired your Carly, skip through the first couple of steps. We assume that the battery has already been replaced, and now we just need to complete the registration procedure. 

Power on Carly for BMW

Plug in Carly for BMW into the OBD2 port under the dashboard (driver's side). Press the power button on your Carly if it has one. The red LED light will turn on. 

how to register new bmw battery with carly

Turn Ignition On

Turn ignition to ON position. Don't start the car. You can't register a new battery if the engine is running. 

Download Carly for BMW Pro

The free version of Carly does not allow you to perform battery registration. You can use the free version of Carly for BMW to see how Carly Battery Registration works but you can't complete the registration. Use the free version to check if battery registration is possible for your BMW model and year. 

Besides the Carly for BMW Pro, you will need to purchase the Battery Registration add-on which is another $10. Total cost for the Carly Adapter, Carly Pro and in-app battery registration place this setup in the mid $100-$200 range. 

Pair Carly adapter with smartphone

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your Android or iPhone. 
  2. Search for a new Bluetooth device. 
  3. Select Carly Adapter on your screen. 
  4. Enter passcode such as 1234 or 0000
pair and connect carly for bmw


Next, launch Carly for BMW Pro app. On the bottom of the Carly Dashboard, you need to select the BMW model and then hit connect. 

carly battery registration bmw diy


Enter Carly Battery Registration menu

Select Battery from the main menu. 

Read through all the warnings and scroll to the bottom. Select Continue to battery registration. If you haven't purchased the add-on, Unlock battery registration will appear on this page.

Next, you will see two options. The first is to perform battery registration and the second to code new battery. If your new battery has different specs than the old battery, you need to complete both coding and registration. If your new battery has the same exact specs as the old battery, you will only need to perform battery registration by pressing "Register same battery type" 

carly battery registration instructions


Register same battery type (Registration)

When you install a new battery with the same capacity and type as the old one. 

Register another battery type (Coding)

Here you can change battery type and capacity. Change from lead acid to AGM. Change capacity between 60, 70 80 90 100 110 etc Ahr. 

code different bmw battery size agm capacity carly



  • Do not stop the app or remove the Carly adapter when you are performing battery registration with Carly. 
  • Do not start the car. Ignition should be on. All dash light on. Position II. 
  • Read and clear codes from the CAS module before you perform battery registration with Carly. Clear any stored codes from the CAS module. 

Carly is a powerful BMW scanner but don't forget there are a few other scanners worth considering as well. Read the article on OBD2 Scanners for BMW. 



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