How to release convertible pressure Chrysler Crossfire

If your convertible top on your Chrysler doesn't fully open or close, it will get locked in place.

Under such conditions, you can not manually close the top. You also can not open the trunk as it will be locked as well.

To fix this problem you need to release the pressure from the convertible top system. Follow these instructions to release pressure from convertible top hydraulic lines. 


  1. Turn the key to position II. On don't start the car. 
  2. Press down the convertible top button. 
  3. Continue keeping the button down. 
  4. Turn off the ignition while holding down the switch. 
  5. Wait five seconds after you turn off the ignition. During this time you need to be holding the convertible top switch down. 
  6. Pressure has been released from the convertible top system.


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