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By YOUCANIC on May 16, 2019

How to remove and replace Honda Steering Wheel

This step by step guide provides instructions on how to remove and install a Honda steering wheel. While the steering wheel shown in this guide is from a 9th generation Honda Civic, these instructions apply to other models including Honda Accord, Fit, CRV and Pilot. 

What you will need

Parts Required

Tools Needed


  1. Disconnect the battery. Wait 15 min before you start removing the airbag. honda crv steering wheel change


  2. Remove two Torx bolts on the side of the steering wheel. honda fit steering wheel change


  3. Remove the access panel at the bottom of the steering wheel. This will allow you to disconnect airbag and horn wires. honda heated steering wheel access panel remove


  4. Remove airbag from the steering wheel. honda civic steering wheel install
  5. Remove the 14mm bolt in the center of the steering wheel using a breaker barhonda civic steering wheel remove
  6. Mark the steering column so that you will be able to align the steering wheel properly. how to change honda steering wheel
  7. Unplug the steering wheel wire harnes. unplug honda civic steering wheel wire harness


  8. Pull the steering wheel from the steering columns. removed honda civic steering wheel
  9. Install the new steering wheel in reverse order. Reconnect the battery. 

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