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Replace BMW Cruise Control Switch

This guide provides instructions on how to replace the cruise control switch on a BMW.

The following guidelines apply to cars with cruise control switches on the steering column, not on the steering wheel.   

Replace BMW Cruise Control Switch
DIY COST $60-$140
DIFFICULTY Intermediate

What you will need


  1. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery located in the trunk. 
  2. Remove the airbag from the driver's steering wheel. Detailed instructions on how to replace the BMW airbag and steering wheel can be found here
  3. Remove the steering wheel. 
  4. Pull up the plastic trim cover away to access the cruise control switch.
  5. bmw cruise control switch diy removal replacement guide
  6. Remove two Torx screws that hold the cruise control stalk arm on the steering column switch unit. bmw cruise control switch replacement diy
  7. Reinstall in reverse order. If the steering wheel isn't reinstalled in the same location, you may need to carry out steering angle sensor calibration.

If your cruise control has stopped working, the problem could be the switch itself. Before replacing any parts, diagnose BMW cruise control problems by reading the fault codes first.


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