How to replace BMW steering wheel buttons

Instructions on how to replace BMW steering wheel buttons. 


  1. Disconnect BMW battery. bmw rattle on startup


  2. Remove the airbag. Follow this guide on how to remove BMW rattle when pulling away
  3. Remove the metal frame that holds BMW steering wheel buttons. Use a Torx 25 bit to remove the four bolts. bmw rattle at idle


  4. Remove the steering wheel buttons. Thre are three screws that need to be removed from each steering wheel button set.
  5. Use a hot air gun to heat up the steering wheel buttons. Only heat the buttons slightly. Do not allow the buttons to melt and start deforming on their own. Once the button is somewhat warm press it at the center to shrink the button slightly. The button only needs to be made slightly smaller at the pivot point. The change should be barely noticeable to your naked eye. 
  6. Reinstall BMW steering wheel button


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