How to replace front strut Nissan Quest 2011-2017

In this guide, you will learn how to replace the front strut assembly on Nissan Quest. In this guide, we are replacing both the coil spring and the strut. The tools to remove the spring and the time saved to make it worth it to consider replacing both the suspension strut assembly and coil as one piece. Replacing the front struts yourself can help you save several hundred dollars. New front struts for Nissan Quest can be purchased online for $150-$250 a pair. Installing Nissan Quest struts and shocks takes most DIYers about 2 to 3 hour and a few basic tools.


  • Nissan Quest Feels Unstable
  • Quest Front Dives when Braking

What you will need


Park vehicle

Park your Nissan Quest on a level surface. Set the parking brakes and make sure the shifter is in Park position.

Open Hood

Open the hood of your Quest.

Find jack location

Locate the points where you can safely jack up your Nissan Quest.

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Jack up Nissan Quest

Jack up your Quest and place a jack stands to secure your vehicle. Always use jack stands to support your car. Jack alone is not safe.

Remove top strut bolts

Remove the plastic cover to access the top strut bolts.

nissan quest front strut replacement

Remove the three bolts that fasten the front strut to the frame.

Nissan Quest front strut shock replacement procedure diy

Remove bottom bolts

Remove the bolt that secures the front strut to the steering knuckle. Also, remove the nut from the sway bar link and disconnect it.

2011-2017 nissan questStrut Assembley Replacement DIY Guide How to

Remove Nissan Quest strut

Remove Nissan Quest strut by pulling it away. Make sure that if the ABS cable or the brake hose is connected to the strut assembly to remove them before pulling away from the strut.

Install new Nissan Quest Strut

Install the new strut in reverse order. Tighten the bottom bolts to specification, typical values have been provided below. Check with your dealer to verify torque specs for front suspension strut bolts.

Torque top strut bolts

Tighten top strut bolts to specification. Lower your vehicle carefully and make sure to get the front wheels aligned on your car.

Tightening Torque

These are typical values and may vary between models. Check with your dealer or an auto mechanic for the correct torque specifications for your car. 

Application Torque
Front Wheel Lug Nuts
  • 88 to 107.9N.m
  • 9.0 to 11.0kgf.m
  • 65 to 110 lb-ft

Typical: 90 ft-lbs

Stabilizer Link
  • 98 to 118N.m
  • 10 to 12kgf.m
  • 72 to 87lb-ft
Strut to steering knuckle
  • 157 to 176N.m 
  • 16 to 18kgf.m
  • 116 to
Top Strut Mounting Bolts to Frame
  • 54 to 70N.m
  • 5.5 to 7kgf.m 
  • 40 to 50.6lb-ft


  • Replacing front struts will change the camber of your front wheels. You will need to align the front wheel or your tires may wear unevenly.


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