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Reset Lexus Airbag Light

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to read and clear Lexus airbag fault codes. This procedure works on 1996 and newer Lexus vehicles, including Lexus ES330, IS250, RX300, RX350, etc. 

Reset Lexus Airbag Light
DIY COST $90-$160
This procedure should only be completed after reading the airbag codes and fixing the underlying problem. 

What you will need

Generic code readers can not access the airbag module and will show no fault codes related to the airbag system. The scanner must be able to diagnose the Toyota airbag system (SRS). 


  1. Connect your OBD-II diagnostic tool to the diagnostic port located under the dashboard, driver's side.2004-Lexus-ES-330 OBDII port 2013-Lexus-GS-350 diagnostic port2007-Lexus-IS-250 OBDII port2007-Lexus-IS-250 OBD II port
  2. Turn on ignition to position II. All dash lights should be on. Do not start the engine.2004-Lexus-ES-330 ignition
  3. Allow the OBDII tool to communicate with your car’s internal computer (protocol sorting).2007-Lexus-IS-250
  4. Depending on the scanner, you may have to manually select make and model. Some scanners can auto-detect the Lexus model from VIN.How to read clear Lexus Airbag light


  5. Select Control Modules > Airbag 2007-Lexus-IS-250 OBDII Scanning
  6. Select Read Fault Codes. Write down all the codes. Fix any codes that are showing CURRENT or PRESENT status. 
  7. Go back to the airbag menu and select clear fault codes. 


  • This procedure can be used to turn off the Lexus airbag light. Fault codes should only be cleared after the system has been repaired. Do not clear Lexus airbag codes if the fault code status is CURRENT or PRESENT. See further instructions below. 
  • Clearing Lexus airbag codes without addressing the issue is not recommended. When the Lexus airbag light is reset without fixing the underlying problem, the airbag light will come back on when you restart the car. 



The airbag light came on in my Lexus ES330 after the battery died and needed to be replaced. I ended up going to autozone to read the codes with their scanner. The guy said their scanner does not read airbag light codes. It is only for the check engine light. So we read the codes and yeah, no fault codes even though my airbag is still on.

I was trying to avoid the dealer at all cost. Ended up doing a lot of research online. Some said to disconnect the battery. That didn't work either. I decided to get a airbag scanner for Toyota/Lexus for about $150. Plugged that in, and had a fault code for low battery voltage. Code showed stored status so I used the scanner to clear the code.
Airbag light turned off and has stayed off for two weeks. I hope this helps someone. Not everyone will have the same problem, but I thought this was worth sharing.

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