Toyota / Lexus Paint Code Location

If you are looking to get touchup spray paint or pen to fix little scratch on your Toyota you will need to know the paint code. 

On Toyota and Lexus vehicles, the paint code is located on the sticker located in the driver's door jamb. 

How to find paint code

  1. Open the driver's door. open drivers door to locate paint code


  2. Look for the service sticker that has the VIN number. It's the sticker with the long barcode. toyota service tag paint code loction
  3. Locate the lines that starts with C/TR. The next three letters are the paint code for the body of the vehicle. This is what you need. toyota paint code loction

Paint Codes 

8N0  Zephyr Blue
62 White Pearl
71 White Mica
65 White Gold Crystal
8S7  Wave Line Pearl
8S7  Wave Line
8T6  Voodoo Blue
4X4 Vintage Brown Pearl
8U1  Ultrasonic Blue
1G1  Tungsten
8U6  Tropical Sea
4W4  Toasted Walnut
1D4  Titanium
6T8  Timerland
4X3 Tangerine Splash Pearl
4X3  Tangerine Splash
40 Super White II
40 Super White
3P0  Super Red
4U3 Sunset Bronze Mica
4U3  Sunset Bronze
4T6  Sundance
5A3  Sun Fusion
5A3 Sun Fusion
8Q0  Stratosphere
42A Stone Grey Metallic
38P  Sterling
4X1 Steel Blonde Metallic
41W Stealth Black Metallic
41W  Stealth
77 Starfire
6V4  Spruce
6W2  Spring Green
791 Spirited Aqua Metallic
8P1  Speedway Blue
8M6  Spectra Blue Pearl
8M6  Spectra Blue
8V7  Sparkling Sea
4R3  Sonora Gold Pearl
NBB Solar Orange
1G0  Smokey Granite
4X4  Smoked Mesquite
1F9 Slate Metallic
1F9  Slate
8S4  Sky Blue
3R0 Sizzling Crimson Mica
3R0  Sizzling Crimson
1D6, U1D6 Silver Sky Metallic
1D6  Silver Sky
6U0  Silver Pine Pearl
1D7  Silver Mica
1G6  Silver Fresco Metallic
8V5 Shoreline Blue Pearl
8V5  Shoreline Blue
1F4  Shadow
8S2  Seaside
781 Sea Glass
8V9 Satin Blue Metallic
44J  Sapphire
4T8  Sandy Beach
4U0  Sandstorm
4U0 Sandstorm
3Q3  Salsa Red Pearl
3Q3, U3Q3 Salsa Red Pearl
3Q3  Salsa Red
3T3 Ruby Flare Pearl
3T3  Ruby Flare
3P1  Red Mica
D4S Raven Pearl
3L5  Radiant Red
6W9 Radiant Green Metallic
4V6  Quicksand
4V6 Quicksand
4T3  Pyrite
M7Y Pure Red
8X7 Pure Blue Metallic
8Y1 Pure Blue Metallic
41G Pulse Red Metallic
41G  Pulse
1H1 Predawn Gray Mica
1H1  Predawn Gray
68 Polar White
89 Platinum White Pearl
8W6 Parisian Night Pearl
8W6  Parisian Night
8R3  Pacific Blue
3T0 Ooh La La Rouge Mica
3T0  Ooh La La Rouge
8R9  Oceanus Pearl
1H9  Nebula Gray
8X2 Nebula Blue Metallic
8S6  Nautical Blue Pearl
8S6 Nautical Blue Metallic
8S6  Nautical Blue
56 Natural White
082, O82 Moonglow Pearl
82 Moonglow
218 Midnight Black
1F8  Meteroite
1K0 Metal Stream Metallic
1F2  Mercury
1G3  Magnetic Gray Metallic
1G3 Magnetic Gray Metallic
1G3  Magnetic Gray
1C8  Lunar Mist
3T7  Luminous Red
9AR Jewelry Purple Metallic
6U6  Jasper
44J Intense Blue Metallic
4X0 Inferno
8P4  Indigo Ink Pearl
47A  Icicle
9AG  Iced Amethyst Pearl
9AG  Iced Amethyst
58 Iceberg
G1U Ice Silver Metallic
8U3  Hypnotic Teal
4R8 Hot Lava Metallic
H8R Hot Lava Metallic
4R8  Hot Lava
1G2 Gray Mica
1G6  Gray
4X7 Graphite Metallic
42A  Graphite
4U2  Golden Umber
781 Frosty Green Mica
AD4  Frost
A4D Frost
3T7 Emotional Red
1J6 Elemental Silver Pearl
8X7  Electric Storm Blue
588 Electric Lime Metallic
588 Electric Lime
4S2  Driftwood Pearl
4S2  Driftwood
4Q2  Desert Sand Pearl
4Q2  Desert Sand
1H2 Dark Steel Mica
4W4 Dark Sherry Metallic
3Q3  Dark Red
6S7  Dark Green
8W7 Dark Blue Metallic
8P4  Dark Blue
8P8  Dark Blue
6T7  Cypress Pearl
K1X Crystal White Pearl
5B2  Creme Brulee
8U4  Costa Azul
1H2  Cosmic Gray
8Q5  Cosmic Blue
4S6 Copper Brown Metallic
787 Clear Sky
792 Clear Emerald Pearl
8Y3 Clear Blue Metallic
1F7 Classic Silver Metallic
1F7  Classic Silver
6W2 Citrus Metallic
45P Chromium Metallic
45P  Chromium
3S7 Cherry Pearl
5B2 Champagne Mica
1H5 Cement Gray Metallic
1H5  Cement Gray
1H5  Cement
1J9 Celestial Silver Metallic
1J9  Celestial Silver
219 Celestial Black Pearl
8W2  Cavalry Blue
8W2 Cavalry Blue
3Q7  Cassis
779 Capri Sea
4V8  Brown Sugar
3R8  Brick Red
8R6  Breakwater Blue
8T7  Blue Streak Pearl
8T7 Blue Streak Metallic
8T7  Blue Streak
8J7  Blue Steel
8T5  Blue Ribbon Pearl
8T5 Blue Ribbon Metallic
8T5  Blue Ribbon
8P8 Blue Onyx Pearl
8R5  Blue Mirage
221 Blue Metallic
8W7  Blue Crush
8P1  Blue
8Q5  Blue
8U7  Blue
70 Blizzard Pearl
70 Blizzard
8T0 Blazing Blue Metallic
8T0  Blazing Blue
8U0  Black Sapphire
209 Black Sand Pearl
209, U209 Black Sand Pearl
209 Black Sand
209 Black Mica
9AH Black Currant Metallic
9AH  Black Currant
202 Black
4Q2  Beige
8T1  Bayou Blue
3R3  Barcelona Red Pearl
3R3 Barcelona Red Mica
3R3  Barcelona Red
218 Attitude Black Metallic
218 Attitude Black
61K Asphalt Metallic
61K  Asphalt
6V2  Amazon Green
6W4 Alumina Jade Metallic
6W4  Alumina Jade
776 Aloe Green
42M Abyss Blue Mica
42M  Abyss
3P0  Absolutely Red
3P0 Absolutely Red
6W3  Evergreen


Where to buy Toyota touch up paint? 

Once you have your Toyota paint code, you can buy Toyota custom mixed spray paint online.

It will match the exact color of your car. 

By YOUCANIC on May 29, 2019


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