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Unlock Toyota with Dead Battery

This guide provides instructions on manually unlock a Toyota with a dead battery. 

This procedure shows how to open a Toyota door when the key fob does not unlock the doors, which can happen if the car or key fob battery is dead.

Unlock Toyota with Dead Battery


How to unlock a Toyota with a dead battery

  1. Push the key release on the back of the key fob, remove and remove the emergency key. Your Toyota key may look different, but all Toyota keys have an emergency key inside the key fob. Toyota Highlander 2008 keyfob removal
  2. On the driver’s door handle, you should see a keyhole. Toyota Rav4 2013 emergency key holeNewer Toyota models may have a cover hiding the door keyhole. Toyota 4Runner 2016 emergency keyhole
  3. Use the emergency key to remove the cover to access the keyhole in the door handle. 
  4. Put your key into the keyhole and turn like you would a door.
  5. Pull the door handle and open the door.
  6. Press the START button with the keyfob to start the engine. Whether your car battery is dead or the key fob is dead, you will need to start the car by pressing the START button with the keyfob. How to start toyota dead battery

I can't unlock the Toyota door manually

Your Toyota key or the emergency key inside the keyfob should unlock the door. If you still can't unlock your Toyota try the following: 

  • Unlock the trunk. Most models have a keyhole for the trunk as well. It usually is located near the license plate light. If you can unlock the trunk, you may fold the rear seats and get inside the vehicle. 
  • Spray penetrating oil in the key tumbler. The door key is rarely used, so that it may be stuck or get rusted. Spray penetrating oil in the keyhole and wait at least five minutes. Then try to unlock the door manually with the emergency key. 
  • Call a Locksmith - If you have tried all these tips, but nothing works, call a locksmith. They can use a car door unlock kit with a pump to unlock a Toyota door without a key. 

This is how you can unlock a Toyota door manually when the car battery dies, or the key fob remote doesn't work. This procedure works on all Toyota vehicles and can unlock a Toyota  Corolla, Camry, Highlander, Rav4, etc. 

This procedure can be helpful if you need to unlock the car and jumpstart a dead Toyota battery. 



Mike A..

I have a Toyota Corolla and the battery died becasue we forgot the lights on. Tried using the key to unlock the dirver's door but at first it would not move at all. I could not turn the key in either direction. After reading the tip above I tried to get some WD-40 and spray it in the key hole on the driver's door.

Waited about five minutes and then what I did was slide the key in and out about 10 times. Tried to turn the key and bam!!!!!!

Toyota door unlocked.

Karl E Fowler

Thank you very much. I had no idea that key was in the FOB. My wife left my inside lights on locked the car and got out. I had not had a dead battery yet and did not see this coming until I couldn't get in the car. You don't know what you don't know. Thanks again for posting this information.

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