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By YOUCANIC on May 16, 2019

VW Jetta Engine Size due to improper engine block casting

The engine on 2017 VW Jetta cars equipped with the 1.4L engine may seize or lockup due to the improper casting of the engine block. Under these conditions, the engine will not start.

If you try to manually turn over the engine you won't be able to. Volkswagen has issued a recall for the 2017 Jettas with this problem. VW will replace the engine free of charge or buy back 2017 Jetta's with this problem (this option was available only up to March 31st, 2017).1 

If the engine locks up while driving it could cause an accident. 


  • Engine Seize
  • VW Jetta won't start
  • Wheels locked up
  • Loud noise from the engine
  • Warning lights on

How to check

Concerned that your 2017 VW Jetta is affected by this problem? Has your engine locked up? Check to confirm your VW is part of the recall.

  1. Go to Volkswagen page then
  2. Click on Lookup Recalls link.
  3. Open the door of your VW. 
  4. Locate the VIN number sticker on the door frame. 
  5. Enter the VIN number of your VW on the VW website. 

VW Jettas that have improper casting of the engine block start with VIN 3VWB67AJ4HM251522 and end with VIN 3VWDB7AJ9HM255408. 2

These vehicles were manufactured in Mexico plant in 2016. 

f you have any questions Contact Volkswagen at 1-800-893-5298


  1. Safety Recall 10F4 – Engine Block 2017 Model Year Volkswagen Jetta - Volkswagen of America
  2. Improper casting of the engine block may cause the engine to seize/lock up - NHTSA




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