Hi guys I just purchased this nice little 335d bmw and i got it cheap because all three stalks on the steering column are dead, there is only one button on one of the stalks that does anything and its the message center button that sets time and date etc..

W221 p0087

Added by Araz F. Ali Bessri 5 hours 35 minutes ago Mercedes » S-Class » 2006-2013

Hello everyone, i have a s350 2011 and i keep getting error code p0087 and the car starst jerking and sometime dies in traffic dont know what is’t and hadnt figured it out yet so i hope someone has the right solution for me please

thanks all 

BMW window problem

Added by Eddie 1 day 8 hours ago BMW » 3-Series » 2004-2013

I have 2007 328 XI BMW and now in the middle of the console I'm seeing window sign. What can I do to fix this?

E55 Airmatic NIGHTMARE

Added by K2 4 hours 19 minutes ago Mercedes » E-Class » 2003-2009

ok so i have tried to take this on and I'm now stumped , usually I'm pretty good at diagnosing a problem..

Hi.  I have a 2009 MB CLK550 covertible.  VIN WDBTK72F19T102760.  Is there any way to add Blutooth phone capability?  Thanks.


Hi. We have an Cl55 amp miss firing between 1500 and 2000rpm.



We have changed the plugs and checked all the coils. The problem only occurs as the car warms up and steadily gets worse. There are no error code

I have code Y38N4 on my 08 ML350. Can this be repaired? Any reliable repair shops out there?

 I gave a Nissan Quest2012 and it makes a clicking noise when I start it. Is it my starter and how to replace starter?

I found tons of info for the 4wd and vrc traction control module. Went to look on my 2wd and it is not there. No hook ups for it either. The dash lights are giving the same signals as displayed when the middle are out in a 4wd controller.