First, I would like to thank the creator of this website for creating such a wonderful website like this for people like me who do not know much about cars and the ins-and-outs of mechanics. Normally, I would take my car to the car dealer or auto shop to get my oil changed, but being a poor student and with my father who recently had a serious stroke who is no longer able to guide me to get it changed, I became determined to be a more independent woman and try to do this on my own in the most budget-friendly and efficient way as possible.

By Jenni

Dear YOUCANIC team, I truly appreciate your website advice
resolving my car’s problem of camshaft sensors.  It was like a nightmare for me
and mechanics too couldn’t understand how to fix random stopping problems.
Many thanks to your website.
Wish you all success and I will share to your website on my Facebook
Page.Kindly add a social media sharing icon on your website.

By Jay N.

Your detailed videos for how to change my Hyundai Elantra car
battery made my endeavor much easier. The step by step video, written
instructions and even photo gallery were immensely helpful. It was nice to
see an example of my exact set-up, not just a generic one, so that I knew
exactly which bolts to undo and the specification of which size to use saved
me from guessing. Thank you for empowering me.

By Shannon

What a truly magnificent site. My friend’s wife has a c200 compressor. It developed a gearbox fault. Code p0700. They took it to a local garage. Who said the gearbox was beyond repair and it required a recon unit. They were quoted £1800 pounds. They asked me to take a look. I checked the oil level. It was actually okay but extremely dirty. I dropped the sump pan also the valve body. I changed the conductor plate and connector plug,new oil, and filter. They took it out for a drive problem fixed. That was two months ago. Total cost £300 . This car had only 89 thousand on the clock.

By Darren

I’m replacing the starter on an ’09 CLK 320 tomorrow morning. Had I not looked at this sight it would have gotten the job done however I would have done it all wrong!!!!! I possess every tool imaginable except for a set of those stubby ratchet wrenches. I just hung up with Harbor Freight and they have a set for around $25. I now can see my way clearly through this project and can’t thank you guy’s enough. Well one more time; THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Raul L.

WOW! Right on the money! 2002 W163 ML500 All Wheel Drive. My ABS Pump Motor keeps running even after the vehicle is turned off for a long time. The ETS ABS yellow lights come on while Im driving and the ABS Module makes a demon like humming sound. I followed the instructions here and it all stopped when I replaced the RELAY. Just for fun Im going to remove the motor and inspect. Already ordered the bearings and brushes.

By Mark

Absolutely brilliant… I am an engineer finished my shift 12 hours…got in car wouldn’t go into Drive, it starts to rain ! Checked brake lights… I knew there would be an over ride…. google it, found this site…… 15 minutes later car in drive all sorted
The centre console was a bit of a trick to get off, hence the 15 min , as engineer all I need is the facts, which I got in first sentence in true F1 style
Thank you –

By William

My 2002 E240 was experiencing sluggish performance and no kick down while in ” D”. I could still shift manually though. I followed the instructions for the transmission reset. All my transmission issues have been corrected. Thank you for this thorough and informative post.

By Kelly

Thank You!

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