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The Audi A6, S6, and RS6 models introduced in 2019 and beyond continue to elevate Audi’s presence in the executive car segment. Based on the latest C8 platform, these vehicles exemplify the perfect fusion of luxury, cutting-edge technology, and remarkable performance. The standard A6 exemplifies Audi’s commitment to providing a range of engines to cater to various preferences, while the Quattro all-wheel-drive system ensures exceptional grip and handling across diverse road conditions. The S6 takes up a notch with sport-tuned suspension, larger brakes, and distinctive design elements that exude performance and athleticism. Meanwhile, the RS6 stands at the pinnacle of this lineup, boasting a high-output engine and advanced components that deliver breathtaking acceleration and precision handling. Its distinctive aesthetics, including aggressive fender flares and a sporty exterior, make it a standout in the executive car segment.



Audi A6, S6, and RS6 specifications, engine oil capacity, spark plug gap, safety rating, fuel consumption, transmission, and light bulb sizes.


  • Type:
    • C8
    • 4K

Engine 2.0 L 6-Cylinder DOHC

  • Recommended oil viscosity: 5W-40
  • Oil capacity: 5.0 quarts

Spark Plug Gap

  • 2.0 L 6-Cylinder: 0.032″

Engine 3.0L 6-Cylinder DOHC

  • Recommended oil viscosity: 0W-20
  • Oil capacity: 6.6 liters (6.96 quarts)

Spark Plug Gap

  • 3.0L 6-Cylinder: 0.032 – 0.035 inches (0.8 – 0.9 mm)

Engine Coolant

  • Type: Gl2evo TL 774 L


  • Capacity: 19.8 gals (75.0 L)

Washer Fluid

  • Capacity: 3.7 qt (3.5 L)

Brake Fluid

  • Type: VW standard 50114 or FMVSS-116 DOT 4.



  • Petrol
    • 2.0 liter I4 TFSI 185 kW
    • 2.0 liter I4 TFSI 190 PS Mild Hybrid (MHEV)
    • 3.0 liter Twin-scroll T V6 TFSI 250 kW
    • 2.9 liter TT V6 TFSI 336 kW (S6)
    • 4.0 liter TT V8 TFSI 441 kW (RS6)
  • Diesel
    • 2.0 litre I4 TDI 150kW
    • 3.0 litre V6 TDI 172 & 210 kW Mild Hybrid (MHEV; 45 & 50 TDI)
  • PHEV engine
    • 2.0 litre I4 TFSI 185 kW with an electric motor (A6 50 TFSI e quattro/ A6 55 TFSI e quattro)


  • 7-speed dual-clutch S tronic
  • 8-speed Automatic Tiptronic

Fuel Consumption



Front Lights

  • Fog Light Bulb: H11
  • High Beam Light Bulb:
    • D3S
    • H15
  • Low Beam Light Bulb:
    • H7
    • H7 LED
  • Turn Signal Light Bulb: LED
  • Parking Light Bulb: LED
  • Daytime Running Light Bulb: LED
  • Side Marker Light Bulb: LED
  • Cornering Light Bulb: LED

Rear Lights

  • Fog Light Bulb Rear: LED
  • Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb: LED
  • Brake Light Bulb: LED
  • License Plate Light Bulb: LED
  • Parking Light Bulb: LED
  • Tail Light Bulb: LED
  • Turn Signal Light Bulb: LED
  • Back-Up Reverse Light Bulb: LED
  • Side Marker Light Bulb: LED

Interior Lights

  • Stepwell Light Bulb: LED
  • Vanity Mirror Light Bulb: LED
  • Glove Box Light Bulb: LED
  • Trunk or Cargo Area Light: LED
  • Dome Light Bulb: LED
  • Map Light Bulb: LED
  • Interior Door Light Bulb: LED
  • Reading Light Bulb Rear: LED