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The Audi Q3, from 2018 onward, continued to build upon its reputation as a stylish and well-equipped compact luxury SUV. This generation introduced sharper and more modern design elements, with a bold octagonal grille, distinctive LED lighting signatures, and a more prominent stance. The Q3 featured improved interior space and craftsmanship, offering a comfortable and luxurious cabin with high-quality materials and advanced technology. Audi’s MMI infotainment system with a touchscreen interface became more intuitive, and a host of driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, and automated emergency braking enhanced safety and convenience. The Q3’s handling and ride comfort improved, partly thanks to its redesigned suspension and available adaptive dampers. The Quattro all-wheel-drive system provided confident traction in various driving conditions. Overall, the Audi Q3 from 2018 onward represented a refined and well-rounded choice in the competitive compact luxury SUV market, combining stylish design, advanced technology, and practicality for urban and suburban lifestyles.

Audi Q3 specification, engine oil capacity, spark plug gap, safety rating, fuel consumption, transmission, and light bulb sizes.


  • Type: F3

Engine 2.0L 4-Cylinder TSFI Turbocharged &

  • Recommended oil viscosity: 5W-40
  • Oil certification: API
  • Drain plug torque: 26-32 ft-lbs
  • Oil capacity: 4.2 liters (or 4.4 quarts)

Spark plug gap

  • 2.0L 4-Cylinder: 0.044″


  • Capacity:15.9 gallons (60 liters)

Washer Fluid

  • Capacity: 4.5 liters (1.19 gallons)

Brake Fluid

  • Capacity: DOT 4


  • Type: 5.9 liters (6.2 quarts)



  • Petrol:
    • 1.4 L EA211 (BWK/CAVA) TFSI I4
    • 1.4 L EA211 (CZDA) TFSI I4
    • 1.5 L EA211 EVO (DADA) TFSI I4
    • 2.0 L EA888 TFSI I4
    • 2.5 L DNWA TFSI I5 (RS Q3)
  • Diesel:
    • 2.0 L CRBC TDI I4


  • 6-speed Manual
  • 6-speed dual-clutch S-tronic
  • 7-speed dual-clutch S-tronic
  • 8-speed Tiptronic automatic

Fuel Consumption


Front Lights

  • High Beam Light: LED
  • Low Beam Light: LED
  • Daytime Running Light: LED
  • Side Marker Light: LED
  • Turn Signal Light: LED
  • Fog Light: LED
  • Parking Light: LED

Rear Lights

  • Tail Light: LED
  • Reverse Light: LED
  • Turn Signal Light: LED
  • Side Marker Light: LED
  • Parking Light: LED
  • Brake Light: LED
  • License Plate Light: LED

Interior Lights

  • Dome Light: LED
  • Glove Box Light: LED
  • Interior Door Light: LED
  • Map Light: LED
  • Reading Light: LED
  • Stepwell Light: LED
  • Trunk Light: LED