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The Porsche 911, known as the 991 generation from 2013 to the present, has continued to evolve while staying true to its iconic design. The 991 featured a wider stance, sculpted bodywork, and sleeker headlights, further refining the classic 911 silhouette. This generation offered an extensive lineup, including Carrera, Carrera S, Turbo, GT3, and GT2 models, each delivering various levels of performance and handling. Inside the 991, Porsche introduced modern technology and luxurious materials, enhancing driver comfort and convenience. The 911’s performance capabilities were elevated with innovations like turbocharged engines, advanced aerodynamics, and all-wheel-drive options, making it one of the most versatile and high-performance sports cars on the market. The 991 generation solidified the 911’s status as an automotive legend, combining timeless design with cutting-edge technology and delivering an unmatched driving experience in the sports car world.



Porsche 911 specification, engine oil capacity, spark plug gap, safety rating, fuel consumption, transmission, and light bulb sizes.


  • Type: 991

Engine 3.0L 6-Cylinder DOHC

  • Recommended Oil viscosity: 0W-40
  • Recommended Engine Oil: API
  • Oil capacity: 8.4 qt

Spark Plug Gap

  • 3.0L 6-Cylinder: 0.028”

Engine 3.8L 6-Cylinder DOHC

  • Recommended Oil viscosity: 0W-40
  • Recommended Engine Oil: API
  • Drain Plug Torque: 37FT-LBS
  • Oil capacity: 9.0 qt

Spark Plug Gap

  • 3.8L 6-Cylinder: 0.032”


  • Capacity: 22 liters (23.2 qts.)

Transmission oil

  • Type: Mobilube 1SHC75W90
  • Capacity: 3 liters (3.2 qt).



  • 3.0 L twin-turbocharged Flat-6
  • 3.4 L Flat-6
  • 3.8 L Flat-6
  • 3.8 L twin-turbocharged Flat-6
  • 4.0 L Flat-6


  • 6-speed manual
  • 7-speed manual
  • 7-speed PDK

Fuel Consumption



Front Lights

  • Daytime Running Light Bulb: LED
  • Front Sidemarker Light Bulb: LED
  • Front Turn Signal Light Bulb: LED
  • High Beam Headlight Bulb:
    • H7-55W
    • LED
  • Low Beam Headlight Bulb:
    • HID-D3S
    • LED
  • Stepwell Light Bulb: W5WB

Rear Lights

  • Back Up Light Bulb: LED
  • Brake Light Bulb: LED
  • Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb: LED
  • License Plate Light Bulb: LED
  • Parking Light Bulb: LED
  • Rear Sidemarker Light Bulb: LED
  • Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb: LED
  • Tail Light Bulb: LED

Interior Lights

  • Dome Light Bulb: LED
  • Glove Box Light Bulb: LED
  • Interior Door Light Bulb: 2825
  • Map Light Bulb: LED
  • Trunk Light Bulb: 2886X