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The BMW i3, produced from 2015 to 2018, is an innovative electric vehicle (EV) designed for urban mobility and sustainability. It represents BMW’s commitment to eco-friendly transportation and incorporates several cutting-edge technologies. One of its most notable features is its carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) construction, which makes it lightweight while maintaining structural integrity. The i3’s unique design combines a futuristic appearance with a compact footprint, making it ideal for city driving and parking in tight spaces. Inside, the i3 offers a spacious, modern cabin with eco-friendly materials like sustainably sourced wood and recycled plastics. The absence of a traditional center tunnel allows for an open and airy feel, while the iDrive infotainment system provides access to various functions and navigation. As an electric vehicle, it features a purely electric drivetrain, eliminating tailpipe emissions. Additionally, the i3 can be equipped with an optional range extender (REx) that includes a small gasoline engine to generate electricity when the battery is depleted, alleviating range anxiety.

BMW i3 specification, engine oil capacity, spark plug gap, safety rating, fuel consumption, transmission, and light bulb sizes.

Engine i3 Hybrid 2-647 .65L

  • Recommended oil viscosity: 0W-30
  • Oil certification: BMW LL


  • Capacity:  1.9 gal ( 7.0L )

Fuel Consumption

bmw fuel consumption i3

Front Lights

  • Front Sidemarker Light Bulb: LED
  • Front Turn Signal Light Bulb: PWY24WSV
  • High Beam Headlight Bulb: H11LL
  • Low Beam Headlight Bulb:
    • H7LL
    • LED
  • Stepwell Light Bulb: 2825L

Rear Lights

  • Back Up Light Bulb: LED
  • Brake Light Bulb: LED
  • Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb: LED
  • License Plate Light Bulb: LED
  • Parking Light Bulb: LED
  • Rear Sidemarker Light Bulb: LED
  • Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb: LED
  • Tail Light Bulb: LED

Interior Lights

  • Dome Light Bulb: 2825L
  • Glove Box Light Bulb: 2825L
  • Instrument Panel Light Bulb: LED
  • Map Light Bulb: 2825L