Lexus Jump Start Dead Battery


Is your Lexus not starting due to a dead battery? Learn how to recharge the battery by jump-starting it. A dead battery of your Lexus can ruin your day and leave you stranded. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to jump-start a Lexus.

What you will need

  • Jumper Cables or Jump Box
  • A car that runs


Follow the below-mentioned steps to jump-start your Lexus:

  1. Remove the emergency metal key from the keyfob and use it to open the driver’s door to unlock lexus dead battery Some Lexus cars have the keyhole on the driver’s door covered. Insert the metal key in the small slot below the door handle and pry out the cover. lexus driver door key missing
  2. Park the vehicle that you are using to jump-start next to your Lexus. Keep the vehicles close in such a way that the jumper cables can reach both batteries. Vehicles should not touch each other.
  3. Ensure that the ignition is off on both vehicles. lexus won't start
  4. Pull the hood release under the dashboard and open hood to jump start lexus
  5.  Go to the front of the car and slide your hand under the hood. You need to be near the Lexus logo. open lexus hood
  6. Locate the battery on your Lexus. Typically in the engine bay, driver’s side. If the battery is covered with a plastic cover, remove it to access the battery. 2010 Lexus ES350 Battery
    2004 Lexus RX330 Battery2009 Lexus LS460 Battery
  7. Connect the red clamp to the battery positive (+) terminal. 2010 Lexus ES350 Positive Terminal
  8. Attach the other red clamp to the car’s positive terminal (+) with a good battery.
    Connect the black clamp to the car’s negative terminal (-) with a good battery. connect jumper cables
  9. Connect the other black clamp on the unpainted bolt or the engine block. Engine block or strut tower bolts work best. Keep the clamp at least a foot away from the dead battery.jump start car It is not recommended to connect the black clamp directly to the dead battery’s negative (-) terminal. 
  10. Start the vehicle’s engine with a good battery and run it up to 1500 rpm for around five minutes.
  11. Start your Lexus. If the vehicle is equipped with Start/Stop button, press it with the keyfob. jump start lexus
  12. Remove the attached cables in reverse order as soon as your Lexus starts. Drive the vehicle for around 30 minutes before you turn off the engine.

If your lights turn on, but you hear a click when you press Start, the battery in your Lexus needs to charge. You need to take safety precautions before you start to jump-start your Lexus. Normally, the jumper cables have a set of clamps marked black and red. The red one should be used for positive and black marked for negative.

Your Lexus battery is usually marked with ‘+’ for positive and ‘–‘ for the negative terminal. If the battery is dirty, you might need to wipe off the grime to check for the signs. Locate the jumper cables and ensure that the cables are in good condition. It is advisable to keep the jumper cables in your car along with a flashlight, first aid kit, and jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start my Lexus with a portable jumper box?

Yes. You can use the portable jumper box instead of another car’s battery to jump-start your Lexus.

What safety precautions do I need to follow?

Ensure that the clamps of the cables do not touch each other.
Additionally, do not complete the circuit by attaching the black clamp to the dead battery’s negative terminal. This may result in a fire.
What if my car does not turn on even after I jump-start it? Check all the clamps to make sure they are making good contact.
Allow the dead battery to charge for up to 10 minutes.
Your car might have some other problem if it is not getting started. Try to do some troubleshooting or contact the repair shop.

Do I need to replace the battery?

Even if you can start your car with a jump-start, check your car’s battery to find out if it needs to be replaced.

We hope you find the Lexus Jump Start Dead Battery guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Lexus.

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