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In 1996, Acura introduced the Acura 3.5RL (internally known as “KA9”) to replace the Legend, as market research indicated that consumers referred to Acura products by their model names rather than associating them with the Acura brand. The 3.5RL featured a unique longitudinally mounted V6 engine, allowing for a smaller turning radius and better maneuverability in city driving, with a 56/44 front/rear weight distribution. In late 1998, the 1999 3.5RL underwent a facelift with integrated foglights, revised bumpers and hood, and side-impact airbags. Over the years, updates included a more extensive navigation system screen, DVD map databases, engine improvements resulting in 225 hp and 231 lb-ft of torque, and interior enhancements. The 2004 3.5RL was the first production saloon car to offer satellite radio as standard equipment and marked the end of Acura’s use of numeric engine displacement designations.

Look up Acura RL specifications, engine oil capacity, spark plug gap, safety rating, fuel consumption, transmission, and light bulb sizes.


  • Type: KA9

Engine 3.5L 6-Cylinder SOHC

  • Recommended Oil Viscosity: 5W-30
  • Oil certification: API
  • Drain plug torque: 33 ft-lbs
  • Oil capacity: 5.0 quarts

Spark Plug Gap

  • 3.5L 6-Cylinder: 0.044”


  • Capacity: 18.0 gal (68.0L)


  • Capacity: 2.27 gal (8.6L )

Automatic Transmission Fluid

  • Type: Honda ATF-Z1 (Automatic Transmission Fluid) preferred, or a DEXRON III ATF as a temporary replacement
  • Capacity: 9.1 qt (8.6 L)

Differential Oil

  • Capacity: 1.16 qt (1.10 L)

Brake Fluid

  • Type: Honda Heavy Duty Brake Fluid DOT 3 preferred, or a DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid as a temporary replacement

Power Steering Fluid

  • Type: Honda Power Steering Fluid preferred, or another brand of power steering fluid as a temporary replacement. Do not use ATF

Differential  Oil

  • Capacity: 1.16 qt (1.10L)

Washer Fluid

  • Capacity:
    • US models: 2.6 qt (2.5 L)
    • Canada models: 6.9 qt (6.5 L )



  • 3.5 L V6 C35A


  • 4-speed automatic

Fuel Consumption


Front Lights

  • Front Fog Light Bulb: H1-55W
  • Front Sidemarker Light Bulb: 168
  • Front Turn Signal Light Bulb: 1157NA
  • High Beam Headlight Bulb: H1-55W
  • Low Beam Headlight Bulb: HID-D2R

Rear Lights

  • Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb: 3497
  • License Plate Light Bulb: 168
  • Parking Light Bulb: 1157NA
  • Rear Sidemarker Light Bulb:
    • 7443-SCK
    • 7443
  • Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb: 7507AST
  • Tail Light Bulb:
    • 7443-SCK
    • 7443

Interior Lights

  • Back Up Light Bulb: 7440
  • Brake Light Bulb:
    • 7443-SCK
    • 7443
  • Auto Trans Indicator Light Bulb: 74
  • Dome Light Bulb: DE3022
  • Glove Box Light Bulb: DE3021
  • Interior Door Light Bulb: DE3021
  • Map Light Bulb: 2825L
  • Trunk Light Bulb: DE3021
  • Vanity Mirror Light Bulb: 6612F