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The Land Rover Range Rover Sport, in its 2022-present iteration, continues to epitomize luxury and performance in the SUV segment. Building on its legacy, this model introduces a host of refinements and technological advancements. Its design showcases a sleek and modern aesthetic, with a striking front grille, streamlined body lines, and optional Black Exterior Pack for a more sporty appearance. The vehicle’s construction still incorporates lightweight materials, improving fuel efficiency and agility. The Range Rover Sport inside the cabin offers a plush environment with premium materials and the latest technology. A state-of-the-art infotainment system features touchscreen displays and advanced connectivity options, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It provides ample passenger space and can be configured with two or three rows of seats. Underneath, the SUV is equipped with powerful engines that deliver robust performance and towing capabilities. With its blend of luxury, athleticism, and off-road prowess, the 2022-present Range Rover Sport continues to be a top choice for those seeking a high-end SUV experience.



Land Rover Range Rover specification, engine oil capacity, spark plug gap, safety rating, fuel consumption, transmission, and light bulb sizes

Engine 3.0L 6-Cylinder Dsl

  • Recommended oil viscosity: 5W-30
  • Oil Certification: API
  • Oil capacity: 6.3 quarts


  • Capacity: 
    • 2.0L petrol: 24.06 gal (91.1L)
    • 3.0L and 5.0L petrol: 27.55gal (104.3L)
    • Diesel: 27.55gal (104.3L)

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

  • Type: AdBlue™ meeting ISO 22241 and ISO 22241-1. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is also known as DEF, AdBlue, AUS 32, and ARLA 32.
  • Capacity: 19.02 qt (18.0 L)

Dynamic response fluid

  • Type: Vehicles with the dynamic response- It is recommended to use Texaco Cold Climate PAS fluid 33270.

Brake fluid

  • Type 
    • 565 PS vehicles: Non-petroleum-based DOT4 ISO 4925 Class 4 specially designed for motorsport, requiring an exceptionally high vapour lock point, and a minimum wet boiling point of 219°C
    • All other vehicles: It is recommended to use Land Rover brake fluid. If unavailable, then a non-petroleum based brake fluid meeting specification DOT4 ISO 4925 Class 6 may be used.

Windscreen washer fluid

  • Type: Windscreen wash with frost protection
  • Capacity: 
    • All vehicles  6.34qt (6.0L)
    • Cold Climate vehicles with a supplemental reservoir of 2.22qt (2.1L)

Coolant fluid

  • Type: Mixture of 50% water and 50% Havoline XLC anti-freeze, meeting Jaguar Land Rover specification STJLR.651.5003.



  • Petrol:
    • 3.0 L turbo I6 MHEV (P360, P400)
    • 4.4 L twin-turbo V8 (P530)
  • Diesel:
    • 3.0 L twin-turbo I6 MHEV (D250, D300, D350)
  • PHEV:
    • 3.0 L turbo I6 PHEV (P440e, P510e)


  • ZF 8-speed automatic

Fuel Consumption



Front Lights

  • Daytime Running Light Bulb: LED
  • Front Fog Light Bulb: LED
  • Front Sidemarker Light Bulb:
    • 2825
    •  LED
  • Front Turn Signal Light Bulb:
    • 12180
    •  LED
  • High Beam and Low Beam Headlight Bulb:
    • 9005
    • HID-D3S
    • LED

Rear Lights

  • Back Up Light Bulb: 921
  • Brake Light Bulb: LED
  • Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb LED
  • License Plate Light Bulb: LED
  • Rear Sidemarker Light Bulb: LED
  • Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb: 12180
  • Tail Light Bulb: LED

Interior Lights

  • Dome Light Bulb: LED
  • Luggage Compartment Light Bulb: LED
  • Map Light Bulb: LED