replacing mitsubishi engine air filter

Mitsubishi Engine Air Filter Replacement

Is your Mitsubishi power decreased, low gas mileage, and its engine air filter dirty? Learn how to fix the problem by replacing the engine air filter of the Mitsubishi. This article provides instructions on changing the engine air filter on a Mitsubishi. This guide applies mainly to Mitsubishi Lancer, Outlander, and RVR models, years 2008 through 2018.

What you will need

  • Mitsubishi Engine Air Filter


  1. Open the hood by pulling on the hood release under the dashboard. Locate the engine air filter in the engine lancer outlander rvr engine air filter replacement
  2. Press the connector for the mass airflow sensor and unplug it. mitsubishi maf location
  3. Pop open two metal clips on top of the air filter housing. Pull the housing away to expose the air filter.mitbusihi lancer outlander air filter clips
  4. Remove the air filter by pulling it upwards. Drop the new air filter in the housing.
  5. Close the air filter housing and press the metal clips to lock it closed.
  6. Reconnect the mass airflow sensor if you disconnected it.

Can’t close the filter housing?

If you cannot close the housing, it is because the housing has come apart at the bottom. Open the filter housing, and bring the bottom part of the housing together first.

How Often Should I Change My Mitsubishi’s Air Filters?

Change the engine air filter every 10,000 miles for the best engine performance and reliability.


This guide applies to:

  • Mitsubishi RVR 2014-2016
  • Mitsubishi Outlander 2014-2016
  • Mitsubishi Lancer 2008-2017


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We hope you find the Mitsubishi Engine Air Filter Replacement guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mitsubishi.

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