Volkswagen VIN Decoder VW

Volkswagen VIN Decoder VW

Last Updated on Monday Feb 12, 2018

Look up your Volkswagen's factory specs, equipment, options, engine, transmission type and more by entering the VIN number of your car.  Here is the list of TOP 3 VIN decoders for VW, all of them are FREE. By entering your VIN number in any of these free services you will be able to see all the options and extras on your car.

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*VIN Decoder is in Beta and may not work for all VIN numbers.

Decoding a VIN allows you to obtain a vehicle's information instantly, such as: 

decode vin number

Where can I find the VIN number? 

decode vin number Bottom lower corner of the windshield. 
vin number location Driver door jamb
  The title, registration or insurance card.

Top 3 VW Vin Decoders

1. Vindecoderz

Look up the options on your VW for Free. This is our No. 1 choice when it comes to looking up options by VIN on your Volkswagen. You will be able to find anything, from paint code, to engine and transmission serial numbers.

This VIN decoder will provide general engine specifications, all available styles, colors, engines, and trims and available based on the VIN number you enter. You will not get the specifics for your VIN.You will be able to look up MSRP and original pricing and invoice.

2. VW Vindecoder PL

Less known but also a good FREE Audi VIN Decoder. Will show standard options plus the optional equipment installed in the vehicle.

3. VW Recall and Service Lookup

The search tool will return information on applicable recalls/service campaigns with customer notifications made during the last 15 years.  Recalls address defects relating to motor vehicle safety and noncompliances with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. In the interest of safety, any recall affecting your vehicle should be completed without delay. Service campaigns address product technical issues not directly related to safety or compliance and also can be emissions-related in scope. Service campaigns should be completed promptly in order to help prevent the problem from occurring in your vehicle.

Vehicle History Reports

If you need to look up the history of your Audi to find out if there have been any accidents or title problem you should consider a History Report based on the VIN number.  CarFax and AutoCheck can be expensive for looking up just one report, but there are cheaper alternatives such as that do the same thing for a lot less.

Where is the VIN number located on VW?

Audi places the VIN plate at these locations:

  • The left side of dash. Can be seen through the windshield.
  • On the firewall, in the middle towards the top.
  • Drivers door frame

Common places where you can locate the VIN number of your Volkswagen.

- On the door frame/door post of the front doors (usually driver's but sometimes passenger's)
- On the dash near the windshield
- On the engine itself (machined pad on front of engine)
- On the car's firewall
- In the left-hand inner wheel arch
- On the steering wheel/steering column
- On the radiator support bracket
- On your car's title, registration, guarantee/maintenance book or on the declarations page of your auto insurance policy

How to interpret VW VIN Number

The 1st character of your VW?s vehicle identification number identifies the country where it was manufactured. Here are some common Country of Manufacture Codes

1 or 4 USA
2 Canada
3 Mexico
J Japan
K Korea
S England
W Germany
Z Italy