vw jetta parking light replacement

Volkswagen Jetta Front Parking Light Bulb Replacement

Is your Volkswagen Jetta front parking light not working? Learn how to fix the problem by replacing the light bulb for the front parking light. This article provides instructions on how to replace your Jetta’s front park light bulb.

Your Jetta park light bulbs might fail because of age or manufacturing defects. To replace your Jetta’s park light bulbs, follow our instructions below.


Common symptoms of a faulty Jetta park light bulb are dimming the park lights or the park light does not illuminate when turned on.

What you will need

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The front parking light is adjacent to the turn signal light under the front headlight bulb.

  1. To access the parking bulb, you must open the hood first; for instructions on opening the hood, please see the section “How to open a Volkswagen Jetta Hood.”
  2. Once the hood is open, view the back of the headlight assembly; there will be two headlight covers. Open the one nearest to the fender; to open the cover, hold the cover with your hand, turn it counterclockwise until it clicks, and then pull it out.
  3. This cover houses multiple sockets like the headlight, turn signal, and parking light. To access the parking light, insert your hand inside the headlight assembly, reach for the bottom socket, mark the socket and the housing with a  bright pen, turn the socket counterclockwise, then pull out the socket.
  4. Pull the bulb out of the socket; To remove the bulb, you must push it in and turn it counterclockwise.
  5. Prepare the new parking light bulb.
  6. Install the parking light bulb into the socket by pushing it in and turning it counterclockwise; Please note that if you want to replace the bulb with an LED, use an LED bulb with an internal or the ECU would throw an electrical error.
  7. Install the park light socket back into the headlight assembly; match the mark on the housing with the mark you made on the socket; you may also want to monitor your progress from the front side of the headlight assembly while installing it. Once you verified the position is correct, lock the socket by pressing it in and turning it clockwise until it clicks.
  8. Install the headlight assembly’s lock by using the tabs as guides while inserting it, then turn it clockwise to lock.
  9. You may repeat steps 2-8 if you want to replace the parking bulb on the other side.
  10. Please turn on your parking light to test it.

You are done.

What should I check if my Jetta’s park light is not working?

  • Just like any other electric light, your Jetta park light is secured by a fuse. You should check the fuse at the first sign of parking light failure.

We hope you find the Volkswagen Jetta Front Parking Light Bulb Replacement guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Volkswagen.


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