Have problems with your BMW Micro Power Module? Follow the procedures below to learn the possible solutions to your Micro Power Module problems.

Many BMW 5 and 6 Series have Micro Power Module  (MPM), which is used to power the iDrive, Radio, Navigation, and the LCD screen on the dashboard. BMW MPM module can fail to cause the following symptoms.

BMW MPM module is responsible for your entertainment, communication, and navigation system. It is responsible for turning ON/OFF your electrical systems and putting them to sleep. Because BMW decided to install it in the trunk, it is a common problem where the MPM module gets wet and shorts out.


When the MPM module is damaged, your display screen, door chime, and radio will stop working.

  • iDrive will not start
  • Battery drain when the car is parked
  • CCC will not power up
  • DVD slots lights (only) turn
  • No chime when you open the door
  • The navigation screen does not turn on.
  • Failure of Audio System and Body Control devices


mpm module wet

Unfortunately, BMW installed this module in the vehicle’s trunk below the spare tire. If water or fluids leak in your trunk, they will end up at the bottom of the spare tire well, where the MPM module is located. Fluids can easily enter the MPM box, causing your BMW radio to shut down and never turn on again.


To fix this problem, you will need to replace the MPM module. In our case, we tried to dry the module, but it still didn’t work. Replacing the module is very simple. Unplug the old BMW MPM module and plug in the new one. It does not need any programming. You can buy a BMW MPM Module online. Make sure to relocate the MPM module to another place where water or spilled fluids can’t get to so easily.


Below is a list of BMW models that may be affected by the MPM problem. There may be other problems as well.


  • 5 Series
  • 6 Series
  • Models
  • 525
  • 530
  • 545
  • 650
  • M5


  • E60
  • E61
  • E63
  • E64

Related Part Numbers

This is a partial list of BMW MPM module part numbers.

  • 61.35-9 266 274
  • 61356937010
  • 61356938358
  • 61356939655
  • 61356982347

We hope you find the BMW Micro Power Module MPM Problems guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your BMW.

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  1. Habib Jagne says:

    I have a bmw 520i 2003/2004 and my mpm is damage, it took in water. My problem now is to find the exact part to it. It is very difficult to find for I have search online and cannot match it. My mpm part 61356982347-01and my question is there a part parallel to this that I can buy?

    1. Call the dealer and they can tell you all the part numbers that will fit.