How can I set the charge limit on my Tesla? Learn how to set the charge limit on your Tesla by following the procedures below. This guide will show you how to adjust the charging settings on a Tesla.

To adjust your charge limit, you can click on the vehicle icon on the left side of the touch screen. Another method to access the charging settings is to open the charge port. Click on SET CHARGE LIMIT or SET LIMIT, depending on the touchscreen software.


  • On the screen, tap on the left rear of the car.  That will open the charging settings and also open the charger port.
  • There is a range of options.  Select what voltage your car will be charging at, ask it to navigate to the nearest Tesla charger, or set it to finish charging at a specific time if you need it to be full before you leave for work every day.

What percentage should I charge my Tesla?

Keep the charge settings set in the ‘Daily’ range bracket for regular daily driving, but no more than 90%. Charging up to 100% frequently is not recommended as it shortens the battery file. Only charge Tesla batteries to 100% when preparing for a long trip.

Should you charge Tesla every day?

Yes, you can charge your Tesla daily, but do not charge 100% for daily usage. Set the maximum charge level to about 80% for the best battery life.

We hope you find the Tesla Set Charge Limit Settings guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Tesla.

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