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A problem that BMW owners may face is a message on the iDrive screen indicating that the hood is open even when the hood is closed.

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In this guide, we will look at common issues that cause the BMW hood open warning.


  • BMW hood open warning on dashboard
  • Hood open warning when the hood is closed
  • BMW keeps saying bonnet open when it's not
  • Hood alarm stays on, and warning flashes on dash


Always verify that your hood is properly closed before driving. Driving a car with a hood that is not latched correctly can cause the hood to open while driving. If your hood opens when you are driving, the hood itself will get damaged; it may break your windshield and increase the risk of a car accident.

Common Problems

BMW hood open message will come on when your hood is partially closed or if one of the hood switches is defective or unplugged. The hood switch may be faulty, in which case the computer will think the hood is open even though it is closed.

Hood is Partially Closed

bmw hood closed properly

Open the hood of your BMW and try closing it again. Ensure the hood is latched on both sides and there are no gaps between the hood and fenders.

Try lifting the hood at both front corners by the headlights. The hood should not move up and down. If it does, it has not latched properly. If your hood does not latch after a few tires, you should look at adjusting the hood latches.

Hood Switch Defective

Near the firewall, you will find a switch that is used to detect when the hood opens.

BMW hood switch could be damaged and may need to be replaced. Another symptom that this switch is the culprit is your BMW alarm going off at random times.

In some cases, the bracket that holds the hood sensor bends downwards over time. This will cause the sensor to not be pushed in when the hood is closed. Bending the bracket up slightly can fix this issue.

Hood Latches Damaged

bmw hood latches

BMW has been using two hood latches for many years now. On newer BMW models, the hood latches have a small micro switch which can be damaged or unplugged.

Use a 10mm socket to remove the two bolts that hold the hood switch in place. Carefully pull the hood latch out and check the connector is not loose or unplugged.

Ensure that the hood release cable is installed properly or you will not be able to open the hood.

If the electrical connection is intact, consider unplugging it and test the hood switch with a digital multimeter or replace it. Measure continuity in the OPEN and CLOSED positions.

If you are experiencing this problem and found a different solution, please add it in the comments section below.