BMW Brake Light Service Reminder Reset Unsuccessful

BMW Brake Service Reminder Reset Unsuccessful

After the BMW brake pads are replaced, you need to perform a BMW brake service reset. When the procedure is carried out, you may be unable to reset the brake light for various reasons. This guide covers common problems preventing you from successfully resetting BMW brake wear reminders.

The BMW brake service reminder reset may be unsuccessful due to another tripped brake sensor. The other sensor needs to be replaced to reset the brake service reminder, and the fault codes may need to be cleared using an OBD diagnostic tool. A scan tool is necessary if the reset fails after replacing the sensor and you can’t reset the brake service reminder.


  • BMW Brake Reset Unsuccessful
  • BMW Brake Reset Not Possible
  • BMW Brake Reset Impossible

Below we look at why you can not perform the BMW brake reset.

Reset BMW Brake Wear Reminder Using Hidden Menu

BMW Brake Reset  via hidden menu

If resetting BMW brake pad wear using the standard reset procedure fails, try resetting using the hidden menu.

  1. Turn on the ignition.
  2. Press and hold the reset button until the hidden menu comes up. You should see FGSTNR on the cluster.
  3. Scroll to item 19 to unlock. It will display Lock: ON.
  4. Locate the VIN on the door jamb or lower-left corner of the windshield. Add the last five digits of your VIN.
  5. Below item 19, you will see Code:00. Change the Code to the sum of the last five digits of your VIN using the trip reset button.
  6. Once the hidden menu is unlocked, you can reset impossible values to the factory setting.
  7. Turn off the ignition and wait 10 seconds.

Why BMW Brake Light won’t reset

Let’s say you replaced your BMW brake pads but cannot reset the brake light.

The biggest issue that will prevent you from resetting the BMW brake wear reminder is that the pads on the axle with old pads are also critically well. For example, if you replaced the front brake pads, the rear brake pads may also be low. Another problem that will prevent you from restoring the BMW brake light is a bad brake wear sensor.

BMW brake pad wear sensor

Every time you replace your BMW brakes, you should also replace the brake pad wear sensor. If you keep the old brake sensor, it will be impossible to reset the BMW brake light. When you carry out the procedure to reset the brake light, a message on the instrument cluster states, “reset impossible.”

Check Voltage

If you have reset the brake service reminder for both the front and rear brake pads and the light remains on, the next step is to check the voltage going to the brake pad wear sensor and read the fault codes.

Checking Brake Pad Wear Sensor voltage

Use a digital multimeter and check the DC voltage at the wires coming to the sensor. You should get between 10 to 12 volts. Rember, you are checking the line coming to the brake sensor. Not the brake sensor itself. Ignition should be on when you measure the voltage.

Read ABS/DSC Fault Codes


Use a BMW All System Scanner to read codes stored in the DSC module memory. Many scanners can read and clear BMW DSC module fault codes. The YOUCANIC Full System Scanner can read and clear fault codes through every vehicle’s control module.

Bypass BMW brake sensor


If your scan points to the brake wear sensor, replace the worn sensor.

If you have replaced the sensor, but the light remains on, the next step is to bypass it and try the reset procedure again. Temporarily use a paper clip to short the wire that connects to the brake sensor. Once you have shorted the circuit, do brake reset and reread codes.

If you cannot reset the brake light, you should troubleshoot the ABS module, as it could also be the culprit. Use a BMW scanner to read code from the DSC module. You should check the wiring and ensure that the DSC module works properly and can communicate with your scanner.

Common causes of BMW brake light staying on:

  • Worn brake pads
  • Failing brake switch
  • Low brake fluid level
  • Fault in the ABS system
  • Problem with the brake booster

It’s important to diagnose and fix the issue as soon as possible to ensure the proper and safe functioning of the brakes.


If the brake light in a BMW vehicle stays on, it could be due to worn brake pads, but it can also mean a problem with the braking system. One of the most common causes is worn brake pads, the most common issue that triggers the light. Other possible reasons could be a failing brake switch, low brake fluid level, a fault in the ABS, or an issue with the brake booster. It’s important to address the cause of the brake light staying on promptly to ensure the vehicle’s brakes are functioning properly and safely.

We hope you find the BMW Brake Service Reminder Reset Unsuccessful guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your BMW.


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  1. John Phelps says:

    I believe that I messed up and reset the brake reminded light before I replaced the sensor wires. So now I can’t reset the brake light because of impossible values stored in the CBS electronics
    I can get into the hidden menu and can access the top menus and sub menus, but I can’t find the menu item and its sub menus items that allow me to reset the CBS impossible values.
    I have a e90 325i and have followed all steps outlined in this article.