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If your Volkswagen steering angle sensor is not calibrated, the traction control light and steering wheel warning lights come on, and in some cases, a warning light may show on the instrument cluster as well.

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Active fault codes will be stored in the Steering Assist module if your VW steering angles sensor is not calibrated. 

The steering angle sensor on a Volkswagen needs to be calibrated when working on the steering system. If you replace the tie rods, alight the front wheels, replace suspension parts or change your VW battery, you will need to perform steering angle sensor calibration. 

There are two ways to perform steering angle sensor calibration on a Volkswagen.

Method 1

reset vw steering angle sensor

How to reset the VW steering angle sensor without a scan tool. 

  1. Start the engine.
  2. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left. 
  3. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right. 
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 a second time. 
  5. Bring the steering wheel back to the center. 
  6. Drive a short distance in a straight line. 
  7. Restart the engine, and the steering angle sensor should be reset. 

This procedure will reset the VW steering angle sensor. If your traction control light is on because the steering angle sensor is not calibrated, this procedure will reset the steering angle sensor, and the traction control light should reset. 

If the traction control light stays on even after resetting the steering angle sensor, it means an ACTIVE fault code is stored in the Traction Control Module. You will need to read the fault codes from the Traction Control Module with a VW scanner

Method 2

calibrate volkswagen vw steering angle sensor relearn jetta golf passat

Advanced VW scan tools such as VCDS can perform steering angle calibration, reset and relearn. You will need to perform basic settings with the guide function. How to perform VW steering angle calibration. 

  1. Plug in a VW scanner into the diagnostic port under the dashboard. 
  2. Turn on the ignition but do not start the car. 
  3. Turn the steering wheel to point straight forward. 
  4. Turn on the scanner and select the 44- Steering Assistance module. If the Steering Assist module is not available, select the ESP module. 
  5. Select Steering Angel Sensor Adaptation or Reset, depending on the scanner. On some models, you may have to select Guided Functions then G85 steering angle sensor calibration. 
  6. Select Steering Angle sensor calibration and follow the instruction on the scanner. 

When using VCDS, you can check the steering wheel's position by opening the Measuring Bocks, go to Basic Setting, then enter 60 under Group and press Go. 

This procedure works on many VW models, including Jetta, Passat, Golf, Routan, Tiguan, Bettle, CC, Touareg,  EOS, GTI. 

Can't Calibrate VW Steering Angle Sensor

VW steering angle sensor calibration

Steering angle sensor calibration may fail if there are fault codes stored in the steering assist module. 

To successfully carry steering angle sensor calibration, no other active fault codes should exist in module 44 - steering assistance other than No or Incorrect Basic Setting code.

Try clearing the fault codes from the steering assist module and carry out the calibration procedure again.  

If there are no fault codes, but the steering angle still fails, the module may be coded incorrectly. 

Related Fault Codes

The following fault codes are related to the steering angle sensor and often come up when a system scan is performed. 

  • 02546 Steering limit stop - No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation
  • 00778  Steering Angle Sensor - G85
  • B116854 Steering angle sensor - No basic settings. 
  • C10ACF0 Steering - End Stops Not Learned

This guide applies to most Volkswagen vehicles, including Audi and Skoda vehicles.