The Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, produced from 2008 to 2015, represented the brand’s entry into the compact luxury SUV segment, offering a compelling blend of rugged charm, performance, and advanced technology. This generation featured a distinctive and boxy exterior design characterized by its compact dimensions, bold lines, and robust front grille, exuding a sense of character and off-road capability. The GLK-Class’s design appealed to buyers looking for a compact yet upscale SUV with a unique and confident appearance. Inside, the cabin provided a comfortable and well-appointed environment, showcasing high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and a strong focus on practicality. The interior design successfully combined luxury with functionality, integrating advanced infotainment systems and versatile seating to create a comfortable driving experience. Regarding performance, the GLK-Class aimed to deliver a balanced and agile ride. It offered a range of engines to suit various preferences, providing sufficient power for urban commuting and highway cruising. The suspension and chassis were tuned to offer a comfortable and controlled ride, whether navigating city streets or tackling rough terrain.



Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class specification, engine oil capacity, spark plug gap, safety rating, fuel consumption, transmission, and light bulb sizes.


  • Type: X204

Engine 2.1L 4-Cylinder DOHC

  • Recommended Oil viscosity: 5W-40
  • Recommended Engine Oil:  MB APPROVED
  • Drain Plug Torque: 22FT-LBS
  • Oil capacity: 6.9 qt

Brake Fluid

  • Type: Only use brake fluid approved for Mercedes-Benz according to MB-Freigabe or MB-Approval 331.0.


  • Capacity: 17.4 US gal (66.0 l)


  • Capacity: GLK 250 BlueTEC: 6.9 US qt (6.5 l)


  • Type: MB 326.0 corrosion inhibitor/antifreeze agent
  • Capacity: 
    • GLK 250 BlueTEC: Approx. 10.4 US qt (9.8 l)
    • GLK 350:Approx. 8.9 US qt (8.4 l)
    • GLK 350 4MATIC: Approx. 8.9 US qt (8.4 l)


  • Capacity: Approx. 8.9 US qt (8.4 l)

PAG oil

  • Capacity: 4.2 oz (120 g)

Washer Fluid

  • Type: Only use windshield washer fluid suitable for use on plastic surfaces, e.g., MB SummerFit or MB Winter-Fit.



  • 3.0L V6
  • 3.5L V6
  • 2.1L CDI I4
  • 3.0L CDI V6


  • 7-speed automatic
  • 6-speed manual

Fuel Consumption



Front Lights

  • Cornering Light Bulb: H7-55W
  • Daytime Running Light Bulb:
    • H15
    • LED
  • Front Sidemarker Light Bulb: LED
  • Front Turn Signal Light Bulb: 12181NA
  • High Beam and Low Beam Headlight Bulb: HID-D1S
  • High Beam Headlight Bulb: H15
  • Low Beam Headlight Bulb: H7-55W
  • Stepwell Light Bulb: 2825

Rear Lights

  • Back Up Light Bulb: 921
  • Brake Light Bulb: LED
  • Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb: LED
  • License Plate Light Bulb: LED
  • Parking Light Bulb: LED
  • Rear Sidemarker Light Bulb: LED
  • Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb: LED
  • Tail Light Bulb: LED

Interior Lights

  • Dome Light Bulb: 6411
  • Glove Box Light Bulb: 2825
  • Interior Door Light Bulb: LED
  • Luggage Compartment Light Bulb: LED
  • Map Light Bulb: 2825
  • Vanity Mirror Light Bulb: 2825