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Mercedes-Benz Check Battery Voltage No Tools Required

How can I check the battery voltage of my Mercedes-Benz without any tool? Learn how to check the voltage of your Mercedes-Benz Battery by following the procedures below. This guide provides instructions on how to check the battery voltage of the Mercedes-Benz via Instrument Cluster.


  1. Push the start button once. If you are using a key; turn it just one click.Start engine button of Mercedes Benz GLK class
  2. Locate the Vehicle data on your cluster. Go to the trip menu on your cluster by using the left and right arrow buttons on your steering wheel. Then the next step is to push the phone button on the right side of your steering wheel and push the ok button on the left side, holding them both for 5 seconds. Vehicle data will come up on the cluster.Vehicle Data on the cluster of the Mercedes Benz GLK Class.
  3. Once the vehicle data comes up, push the ok button on your steering wheel, and you will see the battery voltage right away. If not, use the arrow keys to scroll down until you see the battery voltage on the cluster.Battery Voltage on the cluster of the Mercedes Benz GLK.
  4. Start the engine. When you start your engine, you will see a voltage drop, but it will jump up within seconds. Your vehicle’s voltage should be 13.8-14.7 volts; if the voltage is low, your vehicle has an electrical issue, such as a bad alternator or voltage regulator. The voltage drop when you start your engine.

We hope you find the Mercedes-Benz Check Battery Voltage No Tools Required guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mercedes-Benz.


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