placing the shift to the neutral on a mercedes-benz

Put Mercedes-Benz Transmission in Neutral

Are you looking to put a neutral Mercedes-Benz transmission so you can push the vehicle around the garage? If your Mercedes-Benz is 2005 and you do not have a key, you will not be able to put the vehicle in neutral.

If you can not turn on the ignition or do not have a key, you can use the YOUCANIC scanner to get the car into Neutral by following the steps in the following video.

How to get a Mercedes-Benz in neutral.

  1. If the battery is dead, open the hood and locate the jump-start terminals. Almost all Mercedes-Benz cars have a jump terminal in the engine bay, even if the battery is in the trunk. If you can not find the jump terminals,  power up the car by connecting directly to the battery. How to put mercedes benz in neutral
  2. Turn the ignition on. If your car has START/STOP, you can pull the button and use the key to turn the ignition. The key must turn in the ignition before moving to the next step.
  3. Press the parking brake, or the car may roll away when you get it out of the park.
  4. Press the brake pedal hard.
  5. Move the shifter up to get the transmission into Reverse. The display shows a change from P to R.
  6. Move the shifter down (without pressing the button on the shifter), and the gear show change from reverse (R) to neutral (N).
  7. Be careful when releasing the brake pedal because the vehicle will roll off and cause injuries.


  • If the transmission doesn’t get out of Park, you may have a weak jump box, a bad ignition switch, or a faulty ignition switch. There can be other issues, such as a bad key, but the previous three are the most common reasons you can’t get a Mercedes-Benz out of Park and into Neutral.
  • If you need to push the car into the garage, keep the ignition on, and do not remove the key; otherwise, the transmission will automatically shift to Park once the key is removed. Unless you cut the power first, then remove the key, the transmission will be left neutral until the car is powered up again.
  • Do not tow a Mercedes-Benz in neutral with the wheels rolling or risk damaging the transmission.

Why causes the Mercedes-Benz transmission to get stuck in Park.

A Mercedes-Benz that won’t go into neutral can be caused by several issues, such as a faulty shifter assembly, damaged shifter cable, failed solenoid, low fluid levels, or electronic faults in the transmission control module. If the shifter assembly is damaged, the transmission lever may not move properly, and the vehicle will not go into neutral. A damaged shifter cable can also prevent the transmission lever from moving, resulting in the vehicle not going into neutral. Failed solenoids in the transmission can cause incorrect gear shifting, preventing the vehicle from going into neutral.

Low fluid levels can also cause transmission issues, including being unable to shift into neutral. If the transmission control module has electronic faults, it can also prevent the vehicle from going into neutral. If you’re experiencing this issue, it’s recommended to have a professional diagnose the problem to get your vehicle back on the road.

Keep Mercedes-Benz Transmission in Neutral

By design, when you turn off the Mercedes-Benz ignition, the gear selector automatically switches to Park even if you don’t press Park. Follow this procedure to keep the Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission neutral even after you turn off the ignition.

First, the vehicle must be secured, or it will roll away and cause an accident.

  1. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop on level ground.
  2. Press the parking brake button on the side of the steering wheel.
  3. Open the driver’s door, remain in the vehicle, and keep the brake pedal pressed.
  4. Move the gear selector stack to neutral by pressing it up or down.
  5. Disconnect both auxiliary and car batteries.

Be extremely careful, as the vehicle may roll away and cause injuries. We strongly recommend using wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle from moving away. Do not tow a Mercedes-Benz vehicle with the automatic transmission in neutral, or you will damage the transmission.

This method applies to 2005 and newer Merceercedes-Benz vehicles with a gear selector on the steering column. In 2005 and older models, it is possible to shift the transmission to neutral by overriding the shifter even if the battery or engine is dead.

We hope you find the Put Mercedes-Benz Transmission in Neutral guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mercedes-Benz.


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