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Mercedes-Benz Steering Wheel Stuck Up Won’t Go Down

The steering wheel adjustment function on a Mercedes-Benz may stop working. The most common failure is the steering wheel gets stuck and will no longer move up or down but still move in and out. In some cases, the steering wheel may move up but not down.

This problem affects several Mercedes-Benz models (E, C, S, CLK, SL, SLK, ML, GL, GLK, etc.) that use electric motors to adjust the steering wheel position.

The most common problem with the Mercedes-Benz steering wheel is that it gets stuck up and won’t move down.

how to fix mercedes benz steering wheel that won't move is stuck s c clk ml gl e sl

The quickest way to fix this problem is to extend the steering wheel out, then tape the steering wheel several times at the top or push up with your knee from the bottom as you press the steering wheel adjustment switch in the same direction. This simple procedure will often unfreeze a stuck Mercedes steering wheel.

If your Mercedes-Benz steering wheel adjustment is getting stuck frequently, and the vehicle is still under warranty, have the dealer repair your steering wheel free of charge.

If your vehicle is out of warranty, we recommend turning off easy access features and not leaning on the steering wheel when you enter or exit the vehicle.


  • The steering wheel moves in and out but not up and down
  • The steering wheel adjustment function stops working intermittently
  • UP/DOWN steering wheel not working
  • Easy Entry/Exit feature not working
  • Steering wheel stuck at the top
  • Steering wheel height adjustment stopped working
  • steering wheels are stuck in the up position
  • The steering wheel will no longer move up or down but moves in and out.
  • Steering wheel is stuck up, and won’t go down.

Why does a Mercedes-Benz steering wheel get stuck?


If your Mercedes-Benz is stuck and won’t move, the motor that adjusts the steering wheel is stuck,

  • the motor can be defective,
  • you have blown a fuse for the driver’s seat module, and the steering adjust does not have its fuse circuit.
  • nylon link between motor and steering column (dogbone) is broken,
  • or the steering column adjustment is out of sync.
Mercedes steering column gear

The most common issue is that the plastic gear mounted (Which can be purchased on eBay) on the steering column gets stuck, causing the steering adjustment motor to draw too much current. We see this problem with older vehicles, especially vehicles with easy entry/exit features.

Why can a Mercedes-Benz steering wheel only be adjusted in one direction? 

mb steering wheel sync

If the steering wheel moves in one direction but not the other, you may have a synchronization issue. For example, the steering wheel may move up but not down. The steering wheel may move out but not in. To fix this problem, move the steering wheel in a position that can move all the way.

Then, hold the switch for five more seconds even after the steering wheel has stopped moving. Now move the steering wheel in the opposite direction, and once the steering wheel reaches the other limit, continue to hold the switch pressed for another five seconds.

Why does my Mercedes steering wheel adjust in and out but not up and down?

fix mb steering wheel stuck up

Extended the steering wheel out using the adjustment switch. Tap on the steering wheel with the palm of your hand while you press the adjust button to move the steering wheel down. It may take a few tries and a good hit. This will fix it in most cases but do not carry this procedure if you do not feel comfortable.

The steering wheel won’t adjust at all.

If the steering wheel will not adjust in all directions and you do not hear the steering column motor run, you may have an electrical problem or blown fuse. Check the fuse for the driver’s seat control unit. The steering wheel does not have its fuse.

If the fuse is not blown and you do not have a fault code stored in the driver’s seat control unit, you may have a broken nylon link between the steering column and the motor(often called dogbone), a faulty motor. The motor that adjusts the steering column needs to be replaced to fix this problem permanently. It requires the removal of the steering column.

What to do if you have your Mercedes-Benz steering wheel stuck?

  • Do not lean on the steering wheel when entering or exiting the vehicle. Leaning on the steering wheel when entering or exiting the vehicle can cause the steering wheel to become stuck.
  • If your Mercedes-Benz is still under warranty, have the dealer repair it under warranty. The first time you take the car in, the dealer may tell you that they did a software update or lubricated the steering column gears. These are only temporary fixes, and the steering wheel will get stuck again. If the problem happens, you need to be persistent and have the dealer replace the steering column motor to fix the problem permanently. Don’t wait until the vehicle is out of warranty.
  • If your Mercedes-Benz is out of warranty and you are starting to have issues with the steering wheel adjustment, consider turning off the Easy Entry / Exit feature if it is enabled. This feature can be disabled via the instrument cluster using the buttons on the steering wheel.
  • Do you hear the motor running when you press the steering wheel adjustment switch? If yes, the problem can be due to a broken plastic inside the steering column, often called the dog bone. This is a $10 part but is a very labor-intensive job to replace. Check out this DIY to find out what it takes to replace it.
  • If your steering wheel height adjuster still works and you have experienced problems with the steering wheel moving up and down, we recommend that you deactivate the enter/exit auto steering wheel height feature. You will still be able to adjust the steering wheel when you want.
  • In most models, the steering wheel adjustment motor is powered by the driver seat control module. If you need to check the fuse for the steering wheel adjustment, check the fuse for the driver’s seat control module, which on CLK W209 is fused 27 and 29, but on other models, it could be a different fuse.
  • Lubricate. Remove the dash cover and lubricate the gear.

This problem affects many Mercedes-Benz models, including E, C, S, SL, SLK, CL, CLK, ML, GL, and R Class, equipped with power adjustment.

This problem is so widespread that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has investigated the Height adjustment of electric steering column adjustment sticks in adjustment position at the top stop. You can file a complaint as well by filling out this form. 

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We hope you find the Mercedes-Benz Steering Wheel Stuck Up Won’t Go Down guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mercedes-Benz.

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