If the steering column on your Mercedes-Benz no longer travels up and down the problem could be a broken plastic piece on the steering column.  This repair is labour intensive but the part is worth only a few dollars.

VALID FOR: Memory steering column with motorized control.

MODELS: R171, W203, W204, W209, W211, W219, R230, W240. WORK STEPS AS SHOWN IN W203:

What you will need:

  • 1/ Remove centre console (6 screws)
  • 2/ Remove dashboard end cover (unclip)
  • 3/ Remove light switch (1 screw)
  • 4/ Loosen ignition switch (ring)
  • 5/ Remove cluster (2 hooks)
  • 6/ Loosen under dash panel drivers side (3 screws)
  • 7/ Remove head unit / radio (4 screws for COMAND, 2 for radio)

8/ Remove lower half of dashboard (drivers side)
- 3 screws radio area
- 1 screw near knee - bottom side
- 1 screw near outer vent
- 1 screw near bottom of fuse holder (W203)

Other work steps as shown in photos.

The broken part and new part side-by-side.

Part number: A203 462 06 78

Dashboard trim parts removed. Also removed passenger side so that I could repair the footwell flaps levers on heater box (best time to replace those fragile levers)

Ignition switch and light switch hang down. Also shown is European vacuum switch not used in USA.

Cover panel removed from area where parts will be removed

Stability bar bolt shown in red, cross-bolt from vertical adjustment shown in green.

Stability bar removed (2 bolts)

Vertical adjustment assembly + steering column

Remove 6 screws from the cluster area. Part in red rectangle is the alignment pin

Disengage vertical adjustment assembly from main plate (4 screws)

Main plate bolt (x4)

Loosen bolt clamp (1 hex screw) and unwind from main bolt. Remove vertical adjustment bolt from assembly. There are two black spacers on the bolt (one shown).

How your steering colum will appear at this point

Vertical adjustment assembly with new collar in place (spline). Test the thread by spinning the adjustment arms to see if one of the arms has locked. Loosen with gentle pressure.

Push assembly back into place and mate collar with drive motor. Install all parts back into place.

Your steering column now goes up and down again. Work steps may vary for other models.