This guide provides instructions on how to calibrate the BMW steering angle sensor. BMW steering angle sensor must be calibrated every time you work on the steering system, and front suspension, repair the steering column, replace the battery, or replace the dynamic drive control unit.

Calibrating the BMW steering angle sensor is important because it helps to ensure the accuracy of the vehicle’s stability control and traction control systems. The sensor measures the angle of the steering wheel and sends this information to the vehicle’s DSC computer, which uses it to determine the direction the wheels should be turned. If the sensor is not properly calibrated, the computer may receive incorrect information, leading to an incorrect reading of the vehicle’s intended direction, which could cause safety problems. By calibrating the steering angle sensor on a BMW, you can ensure that the vehicle’s stability and traction control systems work correctly and help maintain the vehicle’s safety.

Quick Way to Reset BMW Steering Angle Sensor

BMW Interior Cabin Noise

One quick way to calibrate the BMW steering angle sensor is to follow these steps.

  1. Start the engine but keep the car in Park and parking brakes engaged.
  2. Turn the steering wheel to the left and hold it for two seconds.
  3. Turn the steering wheel to the right and hold it for two seconds.
  4. Turn the steering to the left, then to the right one more time, then bring the steering wheel back to the center.

In most cases, this procedure alone will calibrate the steering angle sensor. If this procedure does not work, you must use a BMW diagnostic scanner to calibrate the BMW’s steering angle sensor.

How to Calibrate BMW Steering Angle Sensor?


Calibrating BMW with a scanner is very easy. Here is how to calibrate the BMW steering angle sensor with YOUCANIC Full System Scanner.

  1. Center the steering wheel and make sure the wheels are pointing forward.
  2. Plug the OBD-II scanner into the diagnostic port under the dashboard, driver’s side.
  3. Turn on the ignition.
  4. Turn on the scanner.
  5. Select BMW, then pick your chassis. For example, 5-Series E60
  6. Select Service
  7. Next select Chasis
  8. Select Adjust Steering Angle Sensor, then press Enter.

How to Calibrate BMW with INPA

This video shows you how to calibrate a BMW steering angle sensor using INPA software. The Steering Angle Sensor must be recalibrated after repair work is performed. Examples include wheel alignment or coding/programming of the DXC, SZL module, switch unit, clock spring, etc.

An incorrectly calibrated sensor may trigger DSC and other warning lamps. In most cases, replacing the steering angle sensor is not necessary. If calibrating the steering angle sensor doesn’t fix your problem, follow this guide to learn how to troubleshoot and clean the steering angle sensor on a BMW.

bmw steering angle sensor location

The steps to calibrate the BMW steering angle sensor are the same for any BMW, including E46, E90, E39, E60, E65, X3, X5, or other models. You must verify that the scanner you will use supports your particular BMW. Even though these scanners are designed for BMW, they may not cover all models. Read this article to learn more about the best BMW scan tools.

In BMW terms, the steering angle sensor is called the LWS module. If you have worked on the steering column switch, clock spring, traction control problems, and stability control, you may need to calibrate the steering angle sensor.


  1. Check front wheel alignment before carrying out calibration. Many auto mechanics and repair shops offer free front wheel alignment checks.
  2. Turn the steering wheel to the center, with the front wheels pointing forward.
  3. Perform steering sensor alignment/calibration.
  4. Remember to clear ABS fault codes after calibration.
  5. If the fault is eliminated, no further action is necessary. Otherwise, read BMW fault codes from all modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calibrate the steering angle sensor?

The steering angle calibration is as simple as centering the steering wheel, turning on the ignition switch, turning lock-to-lock, starting left, then right, and returning to center.

How do you calibrate a BMW DSC?

By starting the engine and turning the steering wheel left and right a couple of times.

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