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This article provides instructions on how to change the engine air filter on Volkswagen Jetta. 

This guide applies to sixth-generation VW Jetta known as A6, Type 5C6; 2011–2019. 

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What you will need


Follow these steps to change the engine air filter on a VW Jetta. 

  1. Pull the hood release under the dashboard and open the hood. hood release to open hood and change vw air filter
  2. Locate the engine air filter housing. vw engine air filter location
  3. Disconnect the air hoses from the filter housing. 
  4. Pull up the air filter housing to disconnect it from the engine. 
  5. Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the two screws on the bottom of the filter housing. 
  6. Open up the housing and remove the old filter. 
  7. Clean any leaves or debris from the air filter housing. 
  8. Install the new air filter and close the housing. Reinstall the two Philips screws. 
  9. Press the air filter housing on the engine and make sure it is secure. 
  10. Reconnect the air hoses to the air filter housing. 

Changing the engine air filter on a Volkswagen Jetta is very easy once you realize that the housing needs to be removed from the engine. Once the housing is removed, two screws are now accessible, and the filter can be removed. 

Risk of getting burned. Do not change the engine air filter if the engine is still hot.