replacing volvo window regulator

Volvo Window Regulator and Motor Replacement

Can’t adjust/move your Volvo window due to a faulty window regulator/motor? Learn how to fix the problem by replacing your Volvo’s window regulator/window regulator motor.

This step-by-step guide provides procedures for replacing a window regulator and motor on almost any Volvo. Depending on the model, there may be some differences, but the general instructions are still the same.

What you will need

  • Window Regulator for Volvo
  • Window Motor for Volvo
  • Mechanic Toolset Metric
    • 10mm socket,
    • ratchet and extension
  • T25 Torx driver
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Razorblade
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Rivet gun and rivets (~4mm)
  • Trim removal tool (optional)


  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Your car will have the battery under the carpet in the trunk or the engine bay on the driver’s side.disconnect volvo battery terminal to replace window regulator
  2. The first step is to remove the door paneling. In most cases, it will be held by push-pin clips. To release them, just push in the center part; you can take out the whole pin.remove push pins from volvo door
  3. Remove a small tab inside the door using a thin flat screwdriver and grab the handle.remove volvo door handle
  4. Undo a retaining screw using a T25 Torx screwdriver.
  5. Use a pry tool to pop out the window switch. Disconnect the window switch by pushing the tab on the connector and pulling it outremove volvo window switch
  6. Carefully pull the door panel upwards, raising it from the window ledge and the lock button.removed volvo door panel
  7. Unclip the two clips that hold the door handle, release the cable, and pull out the door handlevolvo door handle cable
  8. Using a razor blade, remove the insulation by cutting through the foam-like glue. Be careful not to tear the door panel
  9. Depending on the model, the regulator mechanism is connected to the window fixture by sliding blocks or rivets.
  10. Don’t disconnect the door airbag wires. Temporarily connect the battery negative terminal to operate the window. Lower the window into the position where the sliding block or rivet is accessible. Disconnect the negative battery window regulator
  11. In case of a sliding block, pull off the retaining clip with a screwdriver, and pull out the regulator lever. In case rivets are used, you need to drill them out.
  12. Repeat the last two steps for releasing the second sliding block.
  13. Manually push the window up, and secure it with several pieces of tape.
  14. Disconnect the electrical motor. You will need to push the tab on the connector with a screwdriver to unlock it.
  15. Using an appropriate size drill bit (~6mm diameter), drill out the rivet heads holding the window regulator.
  16. Undo the 10mm nut at the top of the regulator; carefully rotate and wiggle the regulator until you can get it out.
  17. If replacing only the window regulator or motor, remove three Torx screws and remove the motor from the window regulaor window motor replacement diy
  18. Reinstall the new windows regulator in reverse order of removal.
  19. Correctly position the regulator, and install new appropriately sized rivets using a rivet gun.
  20. To reinstall the push-pin clips, push the center pin out. After inserting it into place, push the center pin in until it is flattened.

Sliding blocks are a known weak point. If the regulator on your car uses these, they should also be replaced.

These instructions apply to multiple Volvo vehicles, including

  • XC70
  • V70
  • S60
  • S40
  • V40
  • V50
  • XC60
  • XC90
  • S60
  • S70
  • S80
  • C30
  • 240.

We hope you find the Volvo Window Regulator and Motor Replacement guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Volvo.

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