VW Combination Switch Replacement

VW Combination Switch Replacement

The combination switch is most likely the cause if your VW turn signals don’t work, your turn signals don’t cancel, your high beams don’t work, your wipers don’t work, or your cruise control doesn’t work. This guide provides instructions on replacing the turn signal and wiper switch on a Volkswagen vehicle, known as the combination switch.

On most Volkswagen vehicles, the turn signal and wiper switch are integrated into one unit and replaced as one. The pictures and videos are from a Volkswagen Jetta MK6, but the procedure is almost identical for VW Bora, Golf, Passat, Polo, CC, EOS, Tiguan, Routan, etc.


Here are a few symptoms that a faulty VW combination switch can cause.

  • The turn signal switch doesn’t work.
  • Turn signals don’t cancel
  • High beams don’t work
  • Cruise control doesn’t work
  • The windshield wiper switch doesn’t work

What you will need

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  • VW Combination Switch
  • 10mm socket
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • M12 Tripple Square Torx Bit
  • Ratchet Wrench
  • Breaker Bar


How to change a Volkswagen combination switch:

  1. Turn on the ignition. Turn the front wheels so that they are pointing forward. VW Wheel
  2. While the ignition is on, open the hood, locate the battery and disconnect the negative battery terminal. This will ensure the steering wheel remains unlocked and can be turned. Remove the key for the ignition/vehicle. Wait for at least fifteen minutes before proceeding to the next step. Disconnect the battery
  3. Lift the upper trim that is after the steering wheel. In most models, the trim has just clips and no screws. VW airbag remvoal


  4. Turn the steering wheel to the left to bring the side of it to the top.
  5. Use a flat screwdriver to push through the back of the steering wheel and release the airbag. There is no visible hole behind the steering wheel on newer VW vehicles. There are two indents that you need to punch through with the screwdriver. vw airbag removal hole
  6. Turn the steering wheel and release the airbag on the other side. Hold the airbag so that it does not fall. Releasing the airbag requires patience. If you need help with this step, see our guide on how to remove a VW airbag.Removed VW airbag
  7. Pull out the airbag and disconnect the electrical connector on the back. Handle the airbag with care, and keep your body at least one foot away from the airbag at all times.
  8. Remove the bolt at the center of the steering wheel using an M12 Tripple Square Bit. Have a friend counter-hold the steering wheel while you break loose the bolt. VW Steering Wheel Screw
  9. Mark the steering column shaft and steering wheel so the steering wheel is installed in the same location.Mark steering wheel
  10. Remove the steering wheel. Remove vw steering wheel
  11. Remove the lower steering column trim. It is held in place with three screws. Two screws are next to the clock spring. One screw is below the steering column. Remove VW steering column trim
  12. Remove the screws that hold the clock spring in place. Disconnect the electrical connectors and remove the clock spring.vw clock spring removal For more help, see this guide on How to Replace VW Clock Spring.
  13. Remove the Torx screw at the bottom of the combination switch.Remove vw combination swtich turn signal switch crusie control wiper switch
  14. Unplug the electrical connectors from the combination switch. The electrical plugs have red tabs that need to be released first.VW combination switch  connector
  15. Pull out the combination switch.VW Turn Signal Wiper Switch
  16. Install the new one in reverse order. VW combination switch location
  17. Torque the steering wheel bolt to 50 Nm.

ABS or traction control lights may be ON when you start the engine, but they will reset automatically after driving for a few minutes. Replacing the combination switch on a Volkswagen is easy and takes less than two hours. You need to be extremely careful handling the airbag. The airbag can deploy and cause injuries or damage.

The average cost to replace a Volkswagen turn signal switch, wiper switch, (or combination switch) ranges between $350 and $600. While the cost to replace a VW combination switch yourself ranges between $80 and $200 if you have the tools.

We hope you find the VW Combination Switch Replacement guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Volkswagen.


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