Top 12 BMW 3-Series E90 E91 E92 Upgrades & Accessories

Top 12 BMW 3-Series E90 E91 E92 Upgrades & Accessories

Looking for cool upgrades for your BMW 3-series, E90 (sedan), E91 (wagon), and E92 (Coupe)?

Below are the several upgrades and modifications that will make your BMW stand out: a 328i, 330d, and 335i. These upgrades and aftermarket modifications apply to 3-series BMWs from 2005-2013.

Headlight Lens Cover

BMW Headlight Shell Cover

Cover your headlights with a high-quality lamp shell cover. They are made of polycarbonate material, making them very durable. They are smooth and dry but can also withstand high temperatures. They are also straightforward to install.

BMW 3 Series LED Brake Tail Lights

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BMW E90 Tail Light Upgrade

Upgrade your car’s brake tail lights with these LED lamps made of ISO-certified manufactured materials that meet and exceed lighting standards.

They contain a precision optical lens for each LED to projector better light waves. For installation, it is recommended to get help from a professional.

BMW 3 Series E90, E91, E92, E93 all-weather rubber floor mats

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BMW E90 All-Weather Floor Mats

Fit your car with awesome mats that fit perfectly. They are custom-fit and are made of pure rubber with 1/2inch deep channels. They are well designed to trap water, slush, snow, and dirt but remain cleaner for longer. They cannot crack, curl or stiffen; hence durable.

Headlight Halo Projector

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BMW E90 E91 E92 Headlight Upgrade

Upgrade your car with newly upgraded headlights to stand out from other vehicles on the road. They are certified to ensure quality and fitment. Above all, they are easy to upgrade and install since they are plug-and-play, meaning no cutting or splicing is needed.

H8 White 6000K LED Headlight Bulbs

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BMW E90 E92 H8 LED Headlight Bulb

Brighten up your car lighting with the 60W H8 Bulbs. They are made with the newest LED technology with the brilliance of a 6000k HID color scheme. They are simple to install, featuring a plug-and-play design. The bulbs also feature 360 degrees of super bright white LED lighting. They are designed for BMW to avoid any warning lights on the dash.

Sunshades for E92 E93 3 Series


 BMW E90 Sunshade

Protect your ride’s interior from direct sunshine using a genuine sunshade. They are designed to cover your entire windshield. They also come with a custom-fit storage bag for your sunshade.

Brake Foot Pedals


BMW E90 E92 Foot Rest Pedals

Improve the interior beauty of your 3-Series car with heavy-duty brushed aluminum brake foot pedals. They are made of polished aluminum. They are also constructed with non-slip studs on the pedal surface to prevent them from slipping off. When installing them, get professional assistance since drilling will be required for all pedals.

Aero Roof Rack


BMW 3 Series Roof Rack

Modify the look of your 3-series with roof racks, which are quick and easy to install. The Vortex roof rack is designed to fit perfectly and installed on the factory install points. You don’t have to worry because they use specifically molded pads specially designed to fit the contour of your vehicle’s roof. The clamps are also a custom fit, with each clamp specifically tailored to fit the mounts.

License Plate Mounting Bracket


BMW Tow Hook License Plate E90

Improve your car’s appearance with this Plate Mounting Bracket. They are made of high-quality T6061 aluminum alloy with a matte black powder coat finish. It is easy to install, whereas no drilling or modification is required. They also have eight mounting holes to ensure the plate will not block any intake vents, parking sensors, or lights.

Kidney Grille


BMW E90 Grille Kidney

Install these grilles to improve your vehicle’s exterior styling and bring a unique, luxurious look. They are made of high-impact polystyrene material, which is lightweight and durable. A special M-color design is completely painted on the grille to bring out more beauty. It is also easy to install since no modifications are necessary.


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BMW E92 Trunk Spoiler

Dramatically improve the styling and appearance of your car with a high-kick carbon fiber trunk spoiler wing. This wing is made of lightweight and top-grade durable carbon fiber material. The carbon fiber is covered with a UV-resistant clear coating to prevent color fade. The Fitment is great, and the quality is superb.

 BMW 3-Series Radio Upgrade


BMW E90 E91 E92 Android Upgrade

Are you looking to upgrade that old-school stereo in your 3-Series?

What better alternative than upgrading your BMW with a cool-looking Android stereo? It has built-in navigation, Bluetooth to play music directly from your phone, Hands-free calling, and some models even can play DVDs. Most units even have an LCD touch-screen. These units are awesome and cost less than the factory BMW CIC navigation.

BMW 625i E9x ECU Upgrade Tune


BMW E9x ECU Upgrade Tune

Last but not least, upgrade for a BMW 3-Series E9x chassis. This is one of our favorite upgrades. Looking for a speed governor removal? Or increase horsepower and fuel efficiency by remapping and changing the timing of your BMW? An ECU upgrade can do just that.

We hope you find the Top 12 BMW 3-Series E90 E91 E92 Upgrades & Accessories guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your BMW.


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