The Mazda 3 has a fuse box that controls various electrical components. The 2004-2008 Mazda 3 models have the fuse box in the engine bay, near the battery. To ensure the proper functioning of the electrical system, it is important to have a clear understanding of the fuse box diagram and the location of each fuse. In this guide, we will provide a detailed diagram of the 2004-2008 Mazda 3 fuse box, including the fuse location and purpose for each fuse. This information is essential for troubleshooting electrical issues, replacing a blown fuse, and performing regular maintenance on your Mazda 3.

The fuses are located in two places.

  • The first set of fuses is located in the engine bay.
  • The second fuse is above the passenger footwell, right underneath the dash.

Engine bay

2007 Mazda 3 - Locate Fuse Box & Check Fuse

The layout of fuses that you will find under the hood of the Mazda 3 Fuse Layout Fuses and ampere rating

mazda3 fuse box location
Earlier ModelsLatter Models
1 Cooling Fan1 FAN
3 Various circuits3 BTN
4 Headlights4 HEAD
5 *5 <PTC>
6 *6 [P.SEAT] <GLOW>
7 ABS7 [ABS 1]
8 ABS8 [ABS 2]
9 For the protection of various circuits9 ENGINE
10 *10 *
11 Ignition Switch11 IG KEY 1
12 Starter Clutch12 STARTER
13 Ignition Switch13 IG KEY 2
14 *14 <GLOW 1>
15 Blower motor (heater)15 HEATER
16 *16 <GLOW 2>
17 Rear Defroster17 DEFOG
18 *18 [AUDIO]
19 ABS19 [ABS IG]
20 Fog Lights20 [FOG]
21 Horn21 HORN
22 *22 [DRL]
23 H/Clean23 <H/CLEAN>
24 Fuel Pump24 F/PUMP
25 Power Steering25 P/ST IG
26 Air Conditioner26 A/C MAG
27 ALT27 [TCM] <ALT>
28 *28 <GLOW SIG>
29 *29 P.OUTLET
30 PCM30 ENG +B
31 Interior Lights31 ROOM
32 O2 Heater32 [ENG BAR 4]
33 O2 Heater33 ENG BAR 3
34 Injector34 EGI INJ
35 Air Flow Sensor35 ENG BAR 1
36 EGR Control Valve 

Interior Fuses

fuses under the dashboard mazda 3
fuses in the engine bay mazda 3
Cigarette lighter plug not working

It is located inside the car, passenger side. Under the dash. Above the passenger footwell. Remove the fuse box cover by shifting the two tabs. Twist the tab shown above and pull down on the fuse panel. Pull down the fuse panel.

Earlier ModelsLatter Models
37 Power door locks37 [D/LOCK 2]
39 Headlight high beams (LH)39 HEAD HIGH L
40 Headlight high beams (RH)40 HEAD HIGH R
41 *41 *
42 *42 *
43 Lighter43 CIGAR
44 Audio System44 RADIO
45 Power Mirror45 [MIRROR]
46 Tailight (RH), Parking Lights (RH), License Plate Lights46 TAIL R
47 For the protection of various circuits (OBD)47 OBD
48 *48 *
49 TR/Lock49 [TR/LOCK]
50 Control Unit50 *
51 Turn Signals, Hazards51 *
52 Moonroof52 [SUN ROOF]
53 Front Washer, Rear window wiper, and washer53 WASHER
54 *54 *
55 Right Power window55 <P/WIND R>
56 Left Power window56 <P/WIND L>
57 Alarm57 <ALARM>
58 Mirror Defroster58 [M/DEF]
59 *59 *
60 Headlight Low beams (RH)60 HEAD LOW R
61 Headlight Low beams (LH)61 HEAD LOW L
62 *62 *
63 *63 *
64 *64 *
65 Supplemental Restraint System65 SAS
66 Instrument Cluster, Immobilizer system, Shift Lock system66 METER
67 ABS, EHPAS (Ignition)67 IGNITION
68 Windshield Wiper68 WIPER
69 Engine For the protection of various circuits69 ENGINE
70 Auto Wiper70 [IG SIG]
71 Supplemental Restraint System71 SAS 2
72 *72 *
73 *73 *
74 Seat Warmer74 [SEAT WARM]
75 Power door locks75 [D/LOCK 1]
76 AC76 A/C
77 Power Window (LH)77 [P/WIND L]
78 Power Windows (RH)78 [P/WIND R]
79 Reverse Lights79 BACK
80 MoonRoof80 [SUN ROOF]
81 Tailights (LH) Parking Lights (LH)81 TAIL L
82 Illumination82 ILLUMI
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Is the radio, cigarette outlet, or lights not working on your Mazda 3? A common problem could be due to a blown fuse. Learn where to find the fuses on a Mazda 3 car. Is your Mazda 3 not starting? Are you trying to troubleshoot a dashboard warning light? If yes, check out our guide on diagnosing vehicle problems like a mechanic.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good day my car fuse box is bad can it be fix or not I need to know the car is Mazda 3 2004.thank

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ho avuto lo stesso problema con le luci del cruscotto e fari posteriori oltre fendinebbia. Potrei sapere quale é il relè da sostituire ed il costo ? La mia Mazda é arrivata a molti km.Grazie

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hiya. Is there no seperate fog light fuse?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mazda 3 2006 after pushing the break it blows thr fuse causing shiftter to staying in park, replace bulbs and fuse worked for a little then it went back to the same thing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My mazda3 model2008 after one houre drive and cooling system work,the problem gear position indicator will off and again flicker and after one minute when i off cooling system will on and stable

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s another for the power steering but not 100%

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can’t figure out what this 80amp bridge fuse is for p/st