Is the side marker clearance light on your Kia Optima not working? By following the procedures below, you will learn how to replace the Side Marker Clearance Light on a Kia Optima.

What you will need

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  1. Open the hood. Pull the hood release under the dashboard and go in front of the vehicle. Then unlock the hood latch and pull it up until it reaches the maximum to lock in the hydraulic hood strut.Opened hood of the Kia Optima.
  2. Locate the side marker socket on the back of the headlamp assembly lens & housing.The socket of the side marker clearance light.
  3. Twist the socket counterclockwise to unlock it from the headlight and remove it from the headlight.The side marker clearance light of the Kia Optima.
  4. Pull the bulb out from the socket.Removing the side marker light bulb from the socket.
  5. Push the new light bulb into the socket.Installing the new side marker light bulb. You will hear the light bulb snap once it is locked in.
  6. Insert the socket back into the headlight and turn it clockwise to lock in its place.Reinstalling the socket back to the headlight.
  7. Check on the light by turning the side marker clearance light on.Headlight of the Kia Optima.

We hope you find the 2016-2020 Kia Optima Side Marker Clearance Light Replacement guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Kia Optima.

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