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Hyundai/Kia Tensioner Pulley Replacement

Step-by-step instructions on replacing the tensioner pulley ( drive belt tensioner) on Hyundai and Kia vehicles equipped with the 2.4L Theta II Engine. Pictures and videos are based on a 2019-2020 Kia Optima, but the same engine is used on several other Kia / Hyundai models.

What you will need

  • Car ramps or Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Wheel chocks
  • Allen wrench
  • 17mm wrench
  • Tensioner pulley


  1. Park the vehicle and jack up the vehicle.Jacking up the Kia Optima 2016-2020.
  2. Place jack stands to support the vehicle.  Place wheel chocks behind the rear wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling back.Support the vehicle with jack stands.
  3. Remove the wheel well plastic cover on the driver’s side to have easier access to the serpentine belt.
  4. Go under the vehicle on the driver’s side and locate the tensioner pulley/idler pulley.The tensioner pulley of the vehicle.
  5. Twist the 17mm bolt counterclockwise on the tensioner pulley to loosen the tension, use a 17mm wrench to twist the bolt, and pull the serpentine belt out.Removing the serpentine belt of the vehicle.Removing the serpentine belt of the vehicle.
  6. Remove the 2 Allen head bolts on the tensioner pulley and pull the whole unit of the tensioner pulley out from the top.The bolt on the other side of the tensioner pulley.Removing the tensioner pulley of the vehicle.Removing the tensioner pulley of the vehicle.
  7. Line up the pin on the new tensioner pulley to the vehicle and reinstall the 2 Allen head bolts.Installing the new tensioner pulley.
  8. Twist the tensioner pulley counterclockwise and reinstall the serpentine belt back to the vehicle.Reinstalling the serpentine belt.Reinstalling the new tensioner pulley.Reinstalling the serpentine belt of the vehicle.
  9. Make sure that all the pulley’s ribs are on the serpentine belt’s grooves.Checking the serpentine belt.
  10. Reinstall everything else you removed. Lower the vehicle to the ground, and you are done replacing the tensioner pulley.

Tightening torque

  • 53.9 ~ 63.7N.m (5.5 ~ 6.5kgf.m, 39.7 ~ 47.0lb-ft)

We hope you find the Hyundai/Kia Tensioner Pulley Replacement guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Kia and Hyundai.


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