Adjust Steering Wheel Mercedes-Benz

Adjust Steering Wheel Mercedes-Benz

Need to move your Mercedes-Benz steering wheel for more comfortable driving? Learn how to adjust your Mercedes-Benz steering wheel by following the procedures below. This guide will show how to adjust the steering wheel position on Mercedes-Benz


  1. Go to the driver’s seat and press on the engine push button once or start your engine.Going in the driver's seat on the Mercedes-Benz GLK Class.
  2. Find the steering wheel adjust toggle, which is located behind the steering wheel and is also below the headlight switch control handle.The location of the Steering Wheel Adjust Handle.
  3. Adjust your steering wheel by using the adjustable toggle. The adjustable toggle can move your steering wheel in four directions.
    Move the steering wheel up by pushing the toggle up.
    Move the steering wheel down by pushing the toggle down.
    Move the steering wheel in by pushing the toggle forward.
    Move the steering wheel out by pulling the toggle backward.The 4 directions you can adjust your steering wheel.


    The arrows indicate the ways where you want to set the steering wheel.

    Steering wheel of the Mercedes-Benz GLK Class.

We hope you find the Adjust Steering Wheel Mercedes-Benz guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mercedes-Benz.

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