Do your BMW doors won’t unlock, and the start and stop button doesn’t work? Learn how to diagnose your BMW’s Comfort Access Keyless Entry Start and fix the issue.

Comfort access is a feature that allows a driver to unlock/lock the vehicle without physically pressing buttons on the key fob and start the car by pressing the Stop/Start button.

Comfort Access is standard on some BMW models and optional on others. To lock or unlock the car, the driver must have the key fob on itself, whether in a pocket, briefcase, or purse. The vehicle will automatically detect the key fob when it is within range.

To unlock a front door, the driver needs to grasp either door handle. This action corresponds to pressing the unlock button on the remote key fob. The driver needs to press a textured area on the door handle with a finger for about one second to lock the door. This action corresponds to pressing the lock button on the remote key fob.

If the driver presses that area and holds it down, the doors will lock, and any open windows and the sunroof will close.

bmw with comfort access

An additional feature on some models is a kick-toe open trunk, which allows the driver to open the trunk lid by putting the foot under the bumper and then pulling it out.

Lastly, the system extends to the keyless engine start function, allowing the driver to start the engine without inserting the key fob into the dashboard’s slot.


  • Doors won’t unlock
  • Start/stop doesn’t work
  • Intermittent problems

BMW’s comfort access may stop working due to several possible issues.

This system can experience several problems. They range from intermittent issues to total failure.

In some cases, one side of the car can fail while others operate properly.

Sometimes, the system will work for some time after the car is shut down and become inoperable after being locked for longer.

Common Problems

  • Door Handle  – Door handles are the most common cause. As the sensors are located on the moving part of the handle, wiring can get damaged with time due to movement. This causes various electrical problems. In most cases, the damaged wiring can be easily repaired. Remove the door handle and inspect the wiring and also check for corrosion. A high current drain situation can be caused as a result of faulty door handles or defective wiring. Usually, the system will only work for some time after the engine is turned off. This is because it shuts down after a certain time to prevent excessive battery discharge.

  • Fuse – A blown fuse is another fault caused by a broken door handle. Depending on the model year, this will result in the comfort access feature not working on one side of the car. Replacing the fuse should solve the problem after the electrical issue is solved. However, if it keeps blowing up, there are electrical problems present.

  • Comfort Access Antena –  An antenna module that detects the key fob signal can fail. It is usually located within the central console area, under the armrest. Although the antenna rarely fails, it can be left unplugged after removing the central console.

  • Key Fob Battery – Lastly, a key fob has a battery that can drain with time. Without enough current, the car will not detect the signal from the key fob. Replacing the battery is a simple job that will solve this problem. In some cases, the comfort access works, but you can’t use the lock / unlock buttons on the key fob. To fix this problem, replace the battery in your key fob. Once you change the battery, insert the key in the key slot to start the engine (don’t use the Start/Stop button). Stop the car. Remove the key and test the Lock and Unlock. They should be synchronized with the car and work properly.

We hope you find the BMW Comfort Access Keyless Entry Start Problems guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your BMW.

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