Below you will find a list of Isuzu transmissions by year, model, and engine size. You can also look up Isuzu transmission by VIN using the Decoder Tool.

ModelYearType of TransmissionEngineTransmission Model
AMIGO1992-19944 SP RWDL6 2.6L03-72L
AMIGO1999-20024 SP RWDV6 3.2L4L30E
ASCENDER2003-20084 SP RWD/4X4L6 4.2L V8 5.3L4L60E
AXIOM2002-20044 SP RWDV6 3.5L4L30E
BIG HORN2000-20034 SP 4X4L4 3.0L V6 3.2L/3.5L30-43LE
CROSSWIND2001-20124 SP RWDL4 2.5L30-43LE
D-MAX2002-20114 SP RWDJR405ERC4A-EL
D-MAX2005-20124 SP RWDL4 3.0L30-43LE
D-MAX2009-20114 SP RWDL4 3.0L30-40LE
D-MAX2011-20164 SP RWDL4 3.0L30-41LS
D-MAX2013-20165 SP RWDL4 3.0LTB50-LS
ELF1997-20165 SP R/4WDL4 1.9/3.0/4.6LMYY5A
ELF1997-20166 SP RWDL4 1.9/3.0/4.8/5.2LMYY6S
ELF2012-20144 SP RWDL4 4.6LAW 450-43LE
FASTER2000-20034 SP RWDL4 2.6L V6 2.8LRE4R01A
FUEGO2000-20024 SP RWDL4 2.8L/2.9L L5 3.5L/3.730-40LE
GEMINI20004 SP FWDL4 1.5L/1.6LJF404E
HI-LANDER2008-20114 SP RWDL4 2.5L30-43LE
HOMBRE1997-20004 SP RWDL4 2.2L V6 4.3L4L60E
I SERIES2006-20084 SP RWD/4X4L4 2.8L/2.9L L5 3.5L/3.74L60E
IMPULSE1990-19924 SP FWDL4 1.8LJF403E
OASIS1996-19994 SP FWDL4 2.2/2.3LMPJA/MDWA
KB2000-20044 SP RWDL4 3.0L30-43LE
MU-72004-20124 SP RWDL4 3.0LJR405E
MU-720144 SP RWDL4 2.5L30-43LE
MU-X2013-20164 SP R/4WDL4 1.9/2.5LAW 30-43LE
MU-X2013-20164 SP 4WDL4 3.0LJR405-E
MU-X20164 SP R/4WDL4 2.5LAW3-041LS
PANTHER2001-20164 SP RWDL4 2.5LAW30-43LE
PICKUP1988-19954 SP RWDV6 3.1L03-72L
PICKUP2013-20145 SP RWDL4 3.0LTB-50LS
RODEO1991-20024 SP RWD/4X4L4 3.0L4L30E
RODEO20034 SP RWD/4X4L4 2.2L4L30E
RODEO2003-20044 SP RWD/4X4V6 3.2L/3.5LAW30-40LS
SPACE CAB2000-20034 SP RWDL4 3.0LJR405E
SPACE CAB2000-20054 SP RWDL4 2.2L/2.8L30-43LE
STYLUS1991-19933 SP FWDL4 1.6LF3A
TROOPER1988-19914 SP 4X4L4 2.6L V6 2.8L30-80LE
TROOPER1990-20024 SP 4X4V6 3.2/3.5L4L30E
TROOPER2000-20044 SP 4X4L4 3.1L V6 3.2L30-43LE
VEHICROSS1999-20014 SP 4X4V6 3.5L4L30E
TRUCK NPR, W41987-19984 SP RWDL4 3.9L DIESELJR403E
TRUCK NPR, W41987-20054 SP RWDV8 5.7L/6.0L4L80E
TRUCK NPR1999-20054 SP RWDL4 4.75L/5.2L DIESEL450-43LE
TRUCK NPR2008-20126 SP RWDL4 2.5L DIESELA465
VEHICROSS1999-20014 SP 4X4V6 3.2L4L30-E

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