Is your Accura battery dead, and you can’t start the engine? Learn how to unlock your Acura and jump-start the dead battery.


Typical symptoms of a dead ACURA battery include:

  • ACURA won’t Start,
  • Acura engine won’t turn over,
  • Only hear a click when you try to start.
  • I can’t unlock the car

What you will need

  • Portable jump box
  • Jumper Cables + A Running Car


If your Acura battery is dead, you won’t be able to unlock the doors with the key fob. Remove the emergency metal key from the key fob and open the driver’s door.  how to unlock acura to jump start it

Get inside the car. diy instructions on how to jump start

Open the hood. Locate the hood release underneath the dash. Pull the lever until you hear the hood pop open.

Next, you go to the front of the car and release the hood safety latch by sliding your hand under the hood. ACURA model chassis jump start instructions

Locate the battery in the engine bay. acura battery location for jump start

Determine the positive terminal. Here is the positive terminal on the battery. On this terminal, you will connect the red clamp from your jump box or the red clamp of the jumper cables. instruction on how to jump start ACURA model with dead battery

Connect the negative to the frame of the vehicle. A strut tower bolt works well for this purpose. You want to avoid connecting to the negative terminal whenever possible.jump start acura battery Connecting the negative directly to the battery can cause sparks and potentially cause a fire.

acura jump start battery

Start the engine. It is time to start the engine if you jump-start your Acura with a jump box. If the engine doesn’t start but only clicks, check the connections. Try leaving the cables connected for 15 min. The running car will charge the battery in your Acura and allow you to start the engine.


  • If you hear a click.. click when you try to jump-start your Acura, it is either because the camps are not making good contact or the battery needs to be charged a little more before it can start your Acura engine.
  • Do not insert the key in the ignition until after you connect the jumper cables. Modern cars are susceptible to voltage drips, and ACURAs are no exception.

Jump starting Acura with another car

Connect the jumper cables to the helper car.

  1. The red clamp goes on the red battery terminal of your car and helper car.
  2. The black clamp goes on the negative battery terminal of the helper car.
  3. Next, connect the black clamp to your car’s frame or strut tower bolts.
  4. Start the helper car and let it idle for a couple of minutes.
  5. Start the Acura with a dead battery.

We hope you find the Jump Start Acura Dead Battery guide helpful. For more help with your Acura, check out these troubleshooting guides and tips.

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