The headlight on the passenger side would not work after replacing the light bulb. We checked the fuse for the headlights, and they had not blown. We had this problem on an Oldsmobile, but this issue may affect other makes and models.


  • Damaged wire harness inside the headlight assembly


One possible solution is to replace the complete headlight. Replacing the headlight can be expensive.

In this case, we decided to replace just the damaged wires and the connector. Since the bulb was a 9006 type, we purchased an online connector for 9006 light bulbs.

Here is how we fixed it:

  1. Turn off the headlights and open the hood.headlight off not working due to damaged wire harness
  2. Remove the headlight. In this case, removing the headlight was really simple.remove the headlight Remove two tabs, and the headlight pops out.headlight not working damaged wires connector In some cars, you must remove the front bumper to remove the headlight. If that is the case, check if you can access the damaged wires without removing the headlight.
  3. Remove the cover from the back of the headlight assembly.Damaged Headlight wire connector burned
  4. Remove the old bulb and cut the damaged wires. Keep the wires as long as possible.Installed new connector Don’t keep the wire if the insulation is exposed. Unless you plan on insulating the wire.
  5. Connect the new light bulb connector. Match the wires. Red is positive. Black or white is the ground. In some cars, it is positive. This is important, especially if you have installed LED bulbs, as they will not work on reversed polarity.
  6. Install the new light bulb, and connect it. Lastly, install the headlight assembly.Install headlight
  7. Turn on the lights and make sure the headlight is working.


If your headlight doesn’t work after replacing the light bulb and checking the fuses, inspect the wires inside the headlight.

We hope you find the Oldsmobile headlight Not Working Due to Damaged Wiring Harness guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Oldsmobile.

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