Lost your Audi key? Looking to buy a new key for Audi? Whether you lost all your Audi keys or are looking for a spare key, ordering a new Audi key is easy. This guide provides instructions on how to order replacement keys from any Audi dealer or locksmith.

How to Order Audi Key from the Dealer

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  1. Locate an Audi dealer near you. Click here to find an Audi dealership.

  2. Collect all the required documents. To verify you are the owner of the Audi, the parts department or Audi service advisor may ask you to verify your identity and ownership of the vehicle. Audi service advisor may ask for registration, title, and personal ID (Driver’s License). You should bring the following documents:

    1. Title or Registration
    2. Identification (One)
      • Driver’s License
      • Passport
  3. Go to any Audi dealer parts department with the documents listed above.
  4. Pay for a replacement Audi key. The cost of a new key can vary from $280 – $450. There may be a fee to program the Audi key. Ask the Audi service representative when ordering the new key if you need to pay for programming.
  5. Wait for your Audi dealer to call you when the new key arrives. Delivering the keys to your Audi dealership will take up to five business days.
  6. When the dealer calls you, ask them if the car needs to be at the dealership for the new key to be programmed. You may or may not need to take the car to the Audi dealer to have the key programmed. Without programming, some Audi keys will not start the engine. In some cases, Audi dealers charge up to $150 to program the new key.

You need to prepay for the new Audi key when ordering a new one. Costs depend on whether the key has a remote or not and also the year and model of the Audi. Your Audi key may need programming to be synchronized with your car, but the dealer will do this when you pick up your key.

The requirements are the same for all Audi models, such as A3, A4, A6, Q7, TT, and A8. The price of the key will vary depending on the model year of your Audi.

How much does a replacement Audi Car Key Cost?

Audi car keys cost between $280-$450 at the dealer. The price depends on the type of key you need and your location. Most Audi dealers also charge a programming fee of up to $150 to program the key to start the car.

If you have multiple Audi dealerships in your area, it is wise to check the price with several Audi dealers, as the prices can vary between dealerships.

Audi Key Programmer Tools

It is possible to program some Audi keys using Audi SBB Key Programme tools. Such tools allow you to program new Audi keys in the immobilizer unit using the OBD-II port. A key program will allow you to:

  • programming new keys
  • reading keys from immobilizers memory
  • deactivating keys no longer in the car owner’s possession
  • operation using a menu-guided programming
  • programming new remote controls


Many Audi owners don’t realize the worth of the car keys until they lose or damage one and find themselves helpless, realizing they are up for heavy replacement costs. Replacing a lost Audi car key was a few years ago. You just have to take the additional key to your local key cutter and have a copy made within a few minutes.

On the one hand, this advancement in high-tech and security is more of a nuisance for Audi owners. Here are a few tips for Audi key owners.

  • Always have an extra key/remote
  • Store your extra key in a protected and secure area.
  • Always store your essential key in a predictable area.
  • Always carry your key in the same place to prevent loss.
  • If the remote quits or is working discontinuously, first attempt to reset the procedure specified previously. If that doesn’t work, try your spare key. If the spare key works, you may need a new key battery.

This article gives basic and workable directions on the most experienced methods to replace and order Audi keys.

Can I Order Audi Keys From a Locksmith?

Depending on the model year, locksmiths may be able to cut you a new key. Auto locksmiths cut and recode modern car keys for most models and offer reasonable alternative services to car dealerships. It’s a great convenience that they can come to you, which means you can avoid the bother of traveling, which is a major problem if you’ve lost all your keys.

Auto locksmiths cut and recode modern car keys and carry genuine keys and diagnostic tools that can help reset your Audi’s ECU; they also store after-market keys that may look different from the original Audi car key but work pretty much the same but cost less. Locksmiths may not be able to cut keys for all Audi vehicles.

Audi keys contain a microchip that obliges programming to the vehicle for it to start. All models are coded with a serial number that matches one on a microchip implanted in the key. It’s not possible to start your car without the right key. Every Audi key has a transponder chip with a security code needed to program keys to an Audi car.

The programming procedure can take up to one hour and obliges to have all current keys and the new key, so they can all be modified simultaneously. It can be a distressing experience if Audi keys are lost, damaged, or stolen. If you have lost your Audi keys and don’t have an extra key, the best thing to do is call your Audi dealer.

We hope you find the Start Audi key not detected guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Audi.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi my brother needs a new key, but he isn’t the owner ship on the ok pink slip because my brother in law never transfered the car to his name after 10 business days of selling it to him. How is he able to get a chip for the car with out proof of ownership?