There may come a time when you accidentally lose your locking lug nut key or misplace it. Or maybe you accidentally stripped the lug nut. Here are a few tricks I have learned over the years that can quickly remove a lug nut with a few basic tools.

There are two popular methods to remove wheel locks without a key.

Remove locked or stripped wheel studs.

This is a low-budget way of removing the locking nut, but it works efficiently.

Spray Penetrating Oil

how to remove locking lug nuts

First, you’re going to need penetrating oil. Spray penetrating oil on the locking lug nut. Make sure to spray a good amount and allow the lubricant to soak inside the locking lug. Next, get yourself a set of ½ inch 12-point shallow sockets.

Determine Socket Size

Find a socket that is one size smaller than the stuck lug nut.

For example: if the lug nut is 19mm, use an 18 mm socket.

Get yourself a hammer and place the socket directly above the locking lug.

Force Socket on Stud or Lug Nut

how to remove keyed lug nuts without key

Pound on the socket and force it into the locking lug until it fits. There should be no play at all. Be mindful not to distort the size of the socket insert where the ratchet goes.

Get it loose

lug nut lock removal without key

Use a half-inch impact gun and remove the lug nut without the key. Sometimes the socket may slip out of place, so use another socket if needed. A half-inch breaker bar will work if you do not have an impact gun. Apply a considerable amount of force but be mindful not to hurt yourself. Safety always comes first.

how to remove damaged stripped lug nut

Remove Lug Nut using Special Tool.

how to remove locking lug nut without key universal

If all the above fails, use a universal wheel lock remover key to speed things up. One of my favorite locking lug nut keys is Craftsman Damaged Nut Remover. It has excellent user ratings, and it works well.

deep well secure lug nut extractor unversal car wheel

These sockets are designed to remove stripped and secure lug nuts. This product works by gripping the lug for maximum torque. Not only do they work on a locking lug nut, but it also works for stripped bolts such as oil pan drain bolt and engine bolts, and so on. Another popular set that will help you remove the lug nut without a key is the IRWIN BOLT-GRIP Extractor.

When using a universal wheel lock remover, you must keep the lug nut’s depth, especially on alloy wheels. If the secure lug nut is too deep into the well, you may have difficulty getting the lug nut out without a deep well socket.

We hope you find the How to Remove Stripped Stuck Lug Nut guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your vehicle.

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