Volkswagen Side Door Mirror Replacement

Volkswagen Side Door Mirror Replacement

Need to replace the side mirror of your Volkswagen? Learn how to replace the side mirror by following the procedures below. This guide provides instructions on removing and replacing the side mirror from a Volkswagen door

What you will need

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  • VW Door Mirror
  • Triple Square Bit
  • Dash Removal Kit
  • Torx Bit Set
  • Ratchet Wrench

How to change the VW side mirror

  1. Park the vehicle, set the parking brakes, and open the driver’s door. Park VW
  2. Remove the door panel. First, remove the window switch to expose the bolt behind it. You also have a couple of bolts on the door panel that needs to be removed. For more help, watch our video and guide on how to remove the VW door panel. Remove door panel to replace vw door mirror
  3. Remove the plastic trim behind the mirror on the inside part of the door. Remove door side mirror plastic cover
  4. Disconnect the electrical connector. VW Side mirror door connector
  5. Use a triple-square bit to remove the mirror bolt. vw jetta passat bora golf side mirror bolt bolts
  6. Remove the mirror from the door.
  7. Install the new mirror and door panel in reverse order.

While the video and pictures shown in this guide are from a 2016 VW Jetta, these steps will help you replace the door mirror on a Volkswagen Bora, Golf, CC, EOS, GTI, Passat, and other models. If your VW door mirror is broken, in some cases, you can replace just the mirror without replacing the mirror housing.

We hope you find the Volkswagen Side Door Mirror Replacement guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Volkswagen.


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