reset volvo service light

Reset Volvo Service Light

This article provides instructions on resetting the Volvo service light (also known as a maintenance reminder). You must perform the maintenance, which includes changing the oil and engine filter, checking the fluids, and brakes, and replacing the engine air filter before carrying out the Volvo service light reset.


  1. Turn key to position I. Reset the Service Reminder Volvo
  2. Press the reset button on the center of the instrument cluster (T1/T2) and keep it pressed.Alternative method: Press the OK/Reset button on the left steering wheel.
    volvo reset service message
  3. Turn the key to Position II as you continue to hold the reset button pressedvolvo c70 service reset
  4. Continue holding the reset button until you see the service reminder light start blinking. This will take about ten seconds. Once the service light flashes, release the reset v60 service reset
  5. Turn off the ignition but do not remove the key. reset volvo service light
  6. Turn the ignition back on and start the car. Ensure the service reminder light is turned off and the Volvo reset service message has cleared.

You may need to reset the Volvo service reminder if you perform maintenance yourself. These instructions work on many Volvo vehicles, including C70, S40, S60, S80, V40, V50, V60, V70, XC60, XC70, and XC90.

If you need a scanner that can read every control module of your Volvo vehicle, use the YOUCANIC Full System Scanner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Volvo time for regular service?

It means it is time to take your car to the shop to be serviced and checked. You or your mechanic must change the engine oil, oil filter, air filter, check brakes, fluids, windshield washer, wiper, and rotors.

What does Volvo reset service message mean? 

It is time to get your Volvo checked by a mechanic or dealer.

How long can you drive a car with a service light on?

It is better to remove and fix the service light as soon as possible because driving for a long time with a service light on will cause mechanical problems and will cost a lot more.

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We hope you find the Reset Volvo Service Light guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Volvo.


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